Violence in Liberia: the role of imperialism

October 2003

On August 11, combat-weary Liberians understandably welcomed Nigerian troops as “liberators” after 14 years of civil war. That the Nigerians were a proxy for Uncle Sam is suggested by the fact that 2,300 Marines stood by watchfully in warships off the coast of Monrovia, the capital city. On the surface, it seems as if U.S…. Read more »

AIDS in Africa: Bush’s bogus plan

August 2004

As AIDS wreaks devastation on the African continent, imagine a health service organization that’s reluctant to give out condoms to people who are HIV-positive but instead seeks to stem HIV transmission by promoting abstinence and monogamy. Welcome to the world of PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), George W.’s “feel good” proposal rolled out… Read more »

Africa: Cotton farmers challenge subsidies in rich nations

December 2005

In recent years, cotton farmers in Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and other West African nations have seen the prices they fetch for their crops plummet. Many farmers already struggled on less than $100 per year; dwindling earnings mean they now face a crisis of food and livelihood. And governments reliant on revenue from cotton exports… Read more »

Tragedy in Darfur: unraveling the real causes

December 2006

A few years ago, what people in the U.S. knew about Sudan, the largest country in Africa, likely came from the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Most had never heard of Darfur, the suffering, tumultuous region in western Sudan. Today, Darfuris are caught in a grim conflict that has killed up to 400,000 people and displaced… Read more »

Wildcat strikes sweep the garment industry

April 2007

Wildcat strikes, conducted by workers who are overwhelmingly women, have hit the garment industry in several countries. The actions, which include everything from walkouts to factory occupations, most recently hit Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, and Bangladesh. Last year, a wildcat strike wave also hit Vietnam. The strikes show how terrible conditions still are in the clothing… Read more »

The bombing of Somalia: U.S. grabs for power in Horn of Africa

April 2007

Why is the U.S. Air Force strafing southern Somalia? Why is the carrier USS Eisenhower in the Indian Ocean? What possible threat is Somalia to the U.S.? The White House claims the right to attack other countries to get suspected al-Qaeda members. But no al-Qaeda operatives were hit on Jan. 8, the first acknowledged U.S…. Read more »

Zimbabwe: former colonial powers still casting a villainous shadow

June 2007

After more than a decade of crisis, Zimbabwe is in horrific economic collapse. The people suffer from inflation of 1,700 percent, poverty and unemployment of 80 percent, widespread hunger, a healthcare system and infrastructure in ruins, climbing infant and maternal mortality, and one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection in the world. Life expectancy… Read more »

Somalis win against government bullies

August 2007

Last summer, guns drawn and shields raised high, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents and a multitude of other police agencies raided Somali immigrants’ homes in Seattle and other cities, arresting dozens of men. The DEA’s press releases blared that a dangerous drug smuggling ring had been eliminated. This summer, with less fanfare, a deflated government… Read more »