South Africa – Nation on Fire

Summer 1985

Massive waves of rebellion in South Africa, increasing in force since August 1984, now threaten the foundations of apartheid as never before. South Africa is aflame from Capetown to the… Read more »

Apartheid: Bringing the struggle home

August 1986

The war against apartheid raged in 1985 as South African freedom fighters stepped up their strikes, demonstrations and assaults against the white police state and utterly defied the government to… Read more »

World Beat

January 1995

SOUTH AFRICA Strike wave challenges pro-business ANC policies Since the 1994 elections, the African National Congress has pursued a course that is betraying the poor urban and rural Blacks and… Read more »

World Beat

July 1996

MIDDLE EAST U.S. supports and benefits from ongoing Israeli atrocities U.S. defense contractors may turn out to be the prime beneficiaries of the merciless 16-day pounding that Israeli bombs rained… Read more »

World Beat

January 1997

ZAIRE INTERVENTION DESIGNED TO SAFEGUARD NEO-COLONIAL INTERESTS Mobutu Sese Seko, the CIA-installed dictator of Zaire, is in trouble –and that means trouble for the imperialists who rely on him to… Read more »