The global student revolt

February 2011

In mid-December, paint bombs splattered the Rolls-Royce of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker while students screamed, “Off with their heads!” Thousands demonstrated in London’s Parliament Square. More thousands of students swarmed the streets of Rome, chanting and straining against riot police who blocked the way to Parliament. They lit police vehicles on fire, sending black… Read more »

North Africa’s uneven road to revolution: Role of the working class is key to outcome in Egypt and Libya

June 2011

On Dec. 17, 2010, 26-year-old Tunisian street vendor Mohammed Bouazizi set himself ablaze after being fined for illegally selling vegetables. The flames spread like wildfire across North Africa and the Middle East, as his protest resonated with millions of similarly abused people. Decades of tyrannical rule and extreme economic deprivation had broadly scattered political tinder…. Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

August 2011

BORDER PATROL A tragic death I want to tell your readers about the unnecessary tragic death of Benjamin Roldan Salinas on May 14, 2011. That day seven Border Patrol vehicles systematically swept through the one-stoplight town of Forks, Wash. They chased, corralled, and terrorized non-white people. Even native tribal members were held until they could… Read more »

FS Editorial: Stop drone attacks, end the phony war on terror

August 2011

New attacks on Somalia bring to six the number of countries where the U.S. is dropping bombs by remote control on its “enemies,” who often turn out to be civilians; dozens of women and children were recently killed in Yemen. The other targets of unmanned aircraft strikes are Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya. In Afghanistan,… Read more »

Elections in Egypt and Tunisia: ruling class keeps total control

August 2011

In the Arab Spring, Tunisians and Egyptians led the way, riveting world attention. Nervously eying the disposal of tyrants and multiplying of defiance, the ruling classes of the these two revolutionary frontrunners have scurried to endorse “democracy” and schedule carefully orchestrated elections. But workers’ strikes and sit-ins and mass protests continue to pound away at… Read more »

Mass walkouts against austerity sweep the globe

August 2011

One result of capitalism’s global meltdown is an inability of governments to pay off loans. When lenders suspect a country may default, they hike interest rates, aggravating the problem. To stop countries from defaulting, bodies such as the International Monetary Fund offer loans conditioned on the implementation of austerity measures. This declaration of war by… Read more »

Imperial thirst for riches fuels African civil wars

August 2011

Clear proof of the decline of the global profit system is the agonizing poverty and conflict in today’s Africa. With the worldwide economic crisis, competition is intensifying between big capitalists engaged in frenzied buying of land and resources throughout Africa. Their scramble for the bounty of this most exploited continent is stoking bloody civil wars… Read more »

FS Editorial: Imperial war on Libya subverts its revolution

October 2011

Working people were thrilled when the Arab Spring caught fire in Libya so soon after insurrections in Tunisia and Egypt. Alas, when the U.N. Security Council approved bombing to enforce a “no-fly-zone,” Libya’s revolt turned into a U.S./NATO counter-revolutionary war. The mainstream media wants the public to believe that U.S. and European motives for invading… Read more »

FS editorial: Millions in Nigeria strike against gas prices

February 2012

When Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan ended a long-standing subsidy on gas prices on Jan. 1, people immediately hit the streets. Protests spread across the country like wildfire. The two main union federations called a general strike. Millions refused to go to work or school. The week-long general strike included rallies and mass protests and shut… Read more »

A valiant South African miners’ strike

October 2012

A heroic strike by South African platinum miners in Marikana won wage increases of up to 22 percent on Sept. 18. Other miners inspired by the fight continue on strike. The radical independent union leading the fight challenged both the African National Congress (ANC) government and the officially recognized miners union. The work stoppage, which… Read more »