China — Great Leap Into Turmoil

Spring 1977

Eight months after the death of Mao Tse-tung, the decade-long power struggle between his collaborators and the current ruling bureaucracy appears to have ended. The new Communist Party chairman, Hua… Read more »

Deng: from Seattle to Vietnam

Spring 1979

Deng: from Seattle to Vietnam The Vice Premier made very good copy. Deng Xsaioping sporting a cowboy hat, eating barbecue, trying out a space flight simulator, sipping Coke, toasting U.S…. Read more »

Letter to China

Winter 1979

A retired steelworker who recently toured China writes to his hosts of his reactions to their country. Excerpts from his letter convey a graphic picture of tremendous revolutionary gains alongside… Read more »

Asian American women speak out

Spring 1980

Invisibility is “not a natural state for anyone,” according to three Asian American feminist writers who demand recognition for Asian women in the annals of America’s multi-cultural struggle for liberation…. Read more »

Who We Are: The Asian American Community

Summer 1982

Nellie Wong presented this speech in February 1981 at the San Francisco “Left-write Conference: A Unity Conference of Writers on the Left.” Subsequent sexist, racist, and anti-radical attacks on Wong’s… Read more »

International Roundup

Spring 1981

Ireland Remember Bobby Sands and Francis Hughes, valorous Irish Republican Army martyrs in the cause of Irish self-determination and liberty. Bobby, the Catholic H-Block prisoner and newly-elected Parliament member from… Read more »