Stop Failing Our Kids petition

January 2018

In Australia, opposition to a huge increase in police numbers and powers and the incarceration of children in adult prisons.

New Zealand earthquake exposes a government that is upping military spending while neglecting environmental safety

January 2017

November 2016 turned out more momentous than New Zealanders expected. Anti-war campaigners converged on Auckland to protest against international naval exercises celebrating the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary. Ships arrived from 15 countries, and the activists’ focus was the USS Sampson, the first U.S. warship to visit New Zealand in 33 years. New government… Read more »

Lex Wotton: Palm Island class action win is an important precedent

January 2017

If I had to choose one word to described Palm Island community leader, Lex Wotton, it would be “tenacious.” In 2008, Wotton visited Melbourne for his first speaking tour, organised by the Indigenous Social Justice Association. At that time, Wotton faced the threat of jail for his role in a protest in November 2004, following… Read more »

A call to unionists: Stand together against far-right attacks on workers

January 2017

Across the world, the far right and neo-Nazis are not only active in the streets. They are entering parliamentary politics. In Australia, Pauline Hanson’s extreme-right One Nation Party (ONP) made a comeback after 20 years, winning four Senate seats in the 2016 federal election. ONP is now seriously preparing for state elections in Queensland, Western… Read more »