BC pipeline foiled

December 2018

The catalysts that led a Canadian federal court to stop the dangerous Trans Mountain project in its tracks.

Mohawk sovereignty the issue in Quebec

October 1990

Debra O’Gara of Seattle Radical Women delivered the following statement at a rally in front of the Canadian consulate in Seattle on August 30. The rally, organized by local Native American activists and RW representatives, was called to support the Mohawk nation in its confrontation with the Canadian Army in Oka, Quebec. The faceoff commenced… Read more »

Mary Pitawanakwat suit: Canadian federal office charged with racism, hypocrisy and sexual harassment

September 1991

On the same day Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signed an international Proclamation to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination, his government fired Ojibway Mary Pitawanakwat from the Secretary of State office in Regina, Saskatchewan, in retaliation for her protests against racial and sexual harassment on the job. That was in 1986. Pitawanakwat first brought her… Read more »

Will Canadian rights tribunal result in justice for Mary Pitawanakwat?

May 1992

Mary Pitawanakwat is a fighter who has kept her eyes on the prize. In July, the Ojibway single mother of two marks the eighth anniversary of her race-and-sex-discrimination case against Canada’s Secretary of State Department. Pitawanakwat worked as a social development officer at the Regina, Saskatchewan office for six-and-a-half years. She was fired in 1986,… Read more »

State-approved racism in Canada must stop

August 1992

IN MONTREAL, RODNEY KING’S NAME is Marcellus Fran çois, a 24-year-old Haitian immigrant shot to death by police. In Winnipeg, it’s J.J. Harper, a Native leader killed by police. In Vancouver, it’s Zhang Feng Hua, a Chinese immigrant whose ruthless beating by cops was caught on home videotape. In Toronto, it’s Raymond Lawrence, a 22-year-old… Read more »

1492-1992: 500 years of Indian resistance

December 1992

The “conquerors” are celebrating “discovery” of a “new world”! Adding insult to genocide, they are bombarding the Western Hemisphere with commemorations of the 500-year anniversary of Christopher Columbus stumbling on the Americas. But there is cause for celebration: a history of five centuries of resistance, and a future that will recreate the best of the… Read more »

Canada: Tories slam the door on neediest immigrants

July 1993

Last year, while Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was peddling the “free trade” pact between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., he was simultaneously restricting the free entrance of immigrants and refugees into Canada. The message of his harsh new legislation, known as Bill C-86, could provide the copy for a wanted poster from a corporate head-hunting… Read more »

Dateline Canada: Proof positive that NAFTA kills jobs

December 1993

October 5, 1987 was a fateful day for Canadians. That was the day that Canada’s Tory Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, handed the country over to U.S. multinational corporations. That was the day he signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the U.S. and Canada. The FTA binds every Canadian citizen to it. It can strike… Read more »