Dateline Canada — Voters punish treachery by New Democratic Party

March 1994

In last October’s federal elections, Canadians sent two of their major parties packing. It’s easy to understand disenchantment with the Progressive Conservative Party, the Tories. This outfit introduced Canada’s deepest recession ever, presiding over the loss of two million jobs. Ideologically, the Tories are kin to Reagan and Thatcher. But why did voters overwhelmingly reject… Read more »

Dateline Canada: Trend of cutting pay and hours a bogus solution to job losses

June 1994

Overworked or unemployed and impoverished. That’s the situation for more and more Canadians as employers slash jobs and speed up production to keep their “competitive edge” in the ’90s. In Canada, a nation of 27 million people, 1.6 million are involuntarily idle. Youth with little work experience compete against the middle-aged and nearly retired for… Read more »

Ruling in Mary Pitawanakwat case upholds her right to return to work

October 1994

Victory at last! Courageous Ojibway Native and civil servant Mary Pitawanakwat has won a landmark resolution to her eight-year-Iong race discrimination suit against her employer — the federal department charged with helping Canada’s racial minorities. The award granted her $200,000 in back pay, the largest employee settlement Ottawa has ever made, and reinstatement. In June,… Read more »

Vancouver doctor targeted in terrorist war against abortion

January 1995

On November 8, Vancouver obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Garson Romalis became the seventh shooting victim of anti-abortionists in North America. Romalis, 57, was sitting in his kitchen at 7:20 a.m. when a sniper fired a semiautomatic assault rifle through a window. The second of two rounds shattered Romalis’ thigh bone and ruptured an artery. One… Read more »

Liberal Party government dismantles social programs to serve NAFTA

April 1995

In 1993, Canada’s Liberal Party swept into office by promising to create jobs, save social programs, and renegotiate the unpopular North American Free Trade Agreement. It has delivered the exact opposite, and the country is reeling. Only bankers and brokers celebrated on February 28, as Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s government announced a 1995-96 budget that… Read more »

Quebec independence a step forward for all workers in the Americas

October 1995

Second-class citizens in their own land — that has been the lot of Quebec’s French-speaking majority, the Quebecois, since the 1759 British victory over the French on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec City. Now the residents of Canada’s largest province, who are one-third of Canada’s population, confront an opportunity to establish a separate national… Read more »

Dateline Canada: Big business manipulates Quebec vote

January 1996

Last issue, Dateline Canada reported on the build-up to the October 3 0 vote on Quebec sovereignty, and explained why the Freedom Socialist Party supports independence: Quebec has all the cultural arid historical attributes defining a nation; it has long been abused and exploited by English Canada; and the independence movement has the potential both… Read more »

Dateline Canada: Ontario strike shows bosses can be beaten

July 1996

The biggest strike in Ontario history produced an important victory for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) and the whole working-class movement. Tens of thousands of women and men, most first-time picketers, held the line through the bitterest winter in years. Countless unions, community groups and individuals extended solidarity at nearly 3,000 picket locations…. Read more »

Cuba trade sí, Yankee bullying no!

October 1996

AS AN OFTEN frustrated press coordinator for Canadian aid shipments to Havana, I gained great satisfaction watching the Olympics compete with Cuba for media attention. Credit has to go to our newsmaking prime minister, Jean Chrétien. After throwing in the towel on the North American Free Trade Agreement, which virtually hands over Canada’s resources and… Read more »