“Peacekeeping” means murder, racism, and rape

April 1997

WHAT STARTEDOUT for years ago as a story about the murders of two Somalis by Canadian troops during the 1992-1993 “peacekeeping” mission has turned into an ever-broadening indictment of a military drenched from the top down in jingoism, racism, sexism, and ties to organized Nazism. Despite massive official stonewalling and cover-up, the brutal, imperialist essence… Read more »

Farewell to Jerry Houle: 1930-1997

July 1997

On May 25, 1997, comrades from the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women traveled up the beautiful coast of British Columbia to the town of Sechelt to pay tribute to Jerry Houle and celebrate his life. Born on June 3, 1930, Jerry died on May 8 at the age of 66. Though I knew Jerry… Read more »

Queer youth crucial to maintaining gains

October 1997

Queers in British Columbia won plum legislation in July when the New Democratic Party (NDP) passed Bills 31 and 32. Same-sex couples now share the same family rights as their common-law counterparts. All across Canada this decade, the march for gay equality has made great strides in everything from adoption rights to TV, where lesbians… Read more »

Needed: united front to defeat Nazi menace in British Columbia

January 1998

On a balmy evening in November 1997, two men sitting in Vancouver’s Stanley Park were approached by five skinheads wearing bomber jackets decorated with Canadian flags and “white power” insignia. After bumming a cigarette and a light from one of the sitting men, one of the skinheads asked if the two were “fags.” No, the… Read more »

First Nations press for rights and restitution

April 1998

After 150 years of genocide against the country’s original inhabitants, the Canadian government is today on trial. On one front, survivors of nightmarish residential schools for stolen Indian children are suing for damages; on another, a Supreme Court decision won on appeal by First Nations bands is playing havoc with plans by the province of… Read more »

Struggle for survival spurs youth to organize for change

July 1998

“I’m constantly in-between places because no one will rent to me,” says a young Vancouver single mother on welfare. “And then there’s the cops harassing me, and people giving me dirty looks because I’m part Cree. I worry about getting a good job, and welfare tells me I’m not good enough to raise my kid… Read more »

Teens organize first-ever union at McDonald’s

October 1998

This is a modern-day story of David and Goliath. David today is two high-school women in Squamish, British Columbia. Goliath is McDonald’s, the trillion-burgers-sold behemoth, whose 23,000 restaurants in 111 countries, $34 billion annual revenues, and anti-union antics make Ronald McDonald second only to Coca-Cola as the advance guard of corporate globalization. Jennifer Wiebe, 17,… Read more »

Makah tribal whalers deserve the support of global environmentalists

January 1999

The Makah Indians of northwest Washington state, along with 14 sister nations on the west coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island, the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, have contributed immeasurable artistic and cultural vibrancy to the human family. Now they want to catch a whale, and a coalition headed by Canadian Paul Watson is bent on stopping them. “I’ve had… Read more »

Diario de la Habana: Cuba celebra 40 años inspiradores

abril de 1999

A principios del año nuevo, estuve en La Habana con amigos cubanos para celebrar el 40avo. aniversario de su revolución que es una llama de esperanza y fuerza para los luchadores de la libertad en todos sitios. El momento fue de regocijo a causa de los grandes logros de la revolución pues celebrábamos su tenacidad… Read more »

Havana diary: Cuba celebrates 40 inspiring years

April 1999

As the new year opened, I was in Havana with Cuban friends commemorating the 40th anniversary of their revolution, a beacon of hope and strength for freedom fighters everywhere. The moment was one for rejoicing in the revolution’s grand achievements, celebrating its tenacity, and rededicating ourselves to fighting for its survival. An explosion of light…. Read more »