Rank and file challenge rightward path of New Democratic Party

July 1999

Revulsion gripped working people in Canada when the party that is supposed to be theirs, the New Democratic Party, voted in Parliament at the end of March in favour of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. NDP leader and Member of Parliament Svend Robinson justified the war and the vote as “regrettable but necessary.” Overnight, the… Read more »

A whale of a victory

July 1999

Hurray and congratulations to the Makahs! Their successful whale hunt off the shores of Washington state in May, a feat of immense dedication and rigorous training, uplifts not only their own community, but everyone who understands the importance of the Native American struggle for survival. In the face of racist, vulgar and violent harassment against… Read more »

Socialist Caucus Manifesto calls New Democrats to action

October 1999

Generations of working people have claimed the New Democratic Party as their own. Well they should. As the only political voice of organized labour, the NDP has been responsible for winning vast gains including socialized healthcare, social security, welfare and, in some provinces, public ownership of insurance, transportation and energy. This decade has seen a… Read more »

Chinese Economic Refugees Suffer Detention and Abuse

January 2000

This past summer, 591 Chinese migrants from the province of Fujian landed on the coast of British Columbia. Working families fleeing economic turmoil in China, they had spent months at sea in the unsanitary cargo bays of four decrepit freighters. For the privilege of crossing the Pacific in these modern-day slave ships, they had agreed… Read more »

Who loves the neoliberal agenda?: Not angry students, farmers and truckers!

April 2000

As elsewhere, living standards in Canada are under attack, and people from just about every walk of life are feeling the squeeze. In February, three groups of hard-pressed Canadians shoved back. Students strike. In major cities across Canada on February 2, thousands of university students took to the streets in a one-day strike endorsed by… Read more »

Died: Hazel Wolf

April 2000

Died: Hazel Wolf, 101, Jan. 19, 2000, in Seattle; born in Victoria, B.C., Canada on March 10, 1898. Wolf was best known for her crusading activism on behalf of environmental causes, for which she was recognized around the world. Wolf was also a friend of Radical Women and passionate feminist who believed that “we can’t… Read more »

Winnipeg Left develops unity through common efforts

July 2000

Winnipeg, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. What do these cities have in common? They are all places where the unity of anticapitalist forces recently found expression in a most concrete way. The determined protests against the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund in Seattle and D.C. set a precedent that traditional workingclass organizations had… Read more »

Healthcare privatization is killing us!

October 2000

Healthcare is an issue that crosses all classes and boundaries. A number of polls conducted in various parts of the country show that the right to adequate care when we are sick is the number one concern of the vast majority of Canadians. In Canada we are mindful of our poor brothers and sisters in… Read more »

New Democrats spurned in Canadian election

January 2001

JEAN CHRÉTIEN’S LIBERALS, SEEN AS the party of the center in Canada, were returned to power in the November federal contest in what the media called a landslide – even though only 62 percent of possible voters bothered to turn out. Judging solely by the election, the political map of Canada now would seem to… Read more »