Youth Beat

April 2002

SPAIN Tens of thousands rally against privatization of education More than 300,000 students, teachers, and workers descended on Madrid on December 1 to protest regressive education reforms promoted by the governing Popular Party. The event was among the largest demonstrations for education in Spain’s history and reflects a rising mass students’ movement. At issue is… Read more »

A union foot in Wal-Mart’s door

December 2004

The ubiquitous Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer and the biggest U.S. private employer, has nearly 5,000 stores internationally. In the past fiscal year, its sales amounted to $256.3 billion. Profit was over $9 billion. Until now, none of its stores has been able to unionize; Wal-Mart has gone to great and nasty lengths to see… Read more »

Support for Iraqi rebellion deepens internationally

April 2005

As the war against Iraq drags on and casualties and exposés of outrages mount, so too does the number of upfront defenders of the Iraqi rebellion against U.S. occupation. Many of these supporters will be among the demonstrators filling streets around the world on March 19 and 20 to protest the war against Iraq on… Read more »

Syndicat, oui! Workers in Québec take on Wal-Mart

August 2005

Is Wal-Mart’s longtime, anti-union stone wall finally crumbling? It’s too early to predict, but there are hopeful signs of a swelling movement against the retailing giant. Spearheaded by United Food and Commercial Workers Canada, organizing drives are happening across Québec and moving into other provinces and down into the United States. A serious chink in… Read more »

Say it ain’t so! Or, the story of why the Conservatives won the election in Canada

April 2006

Canada’s parliamentary elections on January 23 put the Conservative Party and its markedly rightwing leader Stephen Harper in power, ending a 12-year stretch by the Liberal Party. “It’s spooky,” Toronto activist David Noble, an immigrant from the U.S. 15 years ago, told the FS. “But it doesn’t mean this is ‘Harper-land.’ The Conservatives won not… Read more »

Six Nations reclaim their land in Ontario

June 2006

On March 3, led by clan mothers, members of the Six Nations set up camp outside Caledonia, Ontario, to protest the illegal sale of their land by the Canadian government to real estate developers. As of this writing, they remain steadfast, despite a brutal but unsuccessful police raid on the unarmed camp in late April…. Read more »

A modern tale Kafka would love: guilty of flying while rational

August 2007

Only humans laugh. The mirth of oppressed people tends toward gallows humor as the encroaching police state walls in other expressions of speech and movement. Like John Yossarian in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 and Josef K. in Franz Kafka’s The Trial, people in the U.S. today find themselves in totally absurd situations without rational explanation. Here’s… Read more »