Aboriginal title at risk in British Columbia

December 2007

Almost all of British Columbia in Canada is unceded indigenous territory. Its land and resources have not been given up by treaty, but occupied and stolen. In recent decades, a growing sovereignty movement, especially among young people, has offered fierce resistance to the continued theft and corporate development that threatens Native peoples’ means of survival… Read more »

Hope for war resisters looking to Canada

February 2008

Today, it’s common knowledge that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was all about profit and power. However, many Americans – including military recruits – were tricked into initially accepting the war with bait-and-switch sales rhetoric. As war resister and military recruit Ryan Johnson put it, “When I signed up … I was thinking there were… Read more »

Why did voters spurn Canada’s labor party?

August 2009

For the past eight years, the right-wing, Bush-like Liberal Party has held power in the province of British Columbia. It is roundly disliked for its anti-labor practices and tight-fisted social policies. How is it possible that Canada’s labor party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), couldn’t defeat the Liberals and gain a majority in the May… Read more »

Quebec students ignite tuition battle

August 2012

Over the past several months, Quebec has seen the rise of one of the largest protest movements in its history, with a mass student strike against a government-imposed tuition hike. This movement continues the global student revolt of the last half dozen years, when students from Chile to Montreal and California to Greece have stood… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Quebec student victory against the odds

October 2012

A SUSTAINED AND MIGHTY student strike movement in Quebec has brought down a provincial government. Running on a law-and-order platform, the defeated Premier Jean Charest and his party specifically targeted the students’ militant campaign against massive tuition hikes. Not only did the right-of-center Liberal Party lose after nine years in power, Charest lost his seat… Read more »

Len Stephan, 1936-2014

December 2014

A music and math aficionado, lover of nature and computers, and committed environmentalist, Len Stephan passed away in September, a few weeks shy of his 78th birthday, after a valiant battle with cancer. Born in Regina, Canada on October 12, 1936 to socialist parents, he moved to Vancouver, B.C. “as a tot” as his daughter… Read more »