Putin’s political foe poisoned

December 2020

Oddly, the European Union asked questions, but didn’t mention Putin or Russia regarding Navalny’s poisoning.

Greek victory over fascist Golden Dawn

December 2020

Community organizing and labor strikes led to long-delayed criminal convictions of Golden Dawn members and the party’s booting from parliament.

Arctic Sami people assert territorial control

April 2020

After more than a decade slugging it out through the legal system, the Sami people have secured exclusive rights to determine who could hunt and fish in part of their ancestral territory.

Letters to the editor, April 2020

April 2020

An update on Mumia Abu-Jamal, and readers weigh in on: popularity of Freedom Socialist, electoral remedies, a post-Brexit message, and military production and the climate.

Fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years on

December 2019

It wasn’t really about the “death of communism.” It was about the failure of Stalinism, to which capitalism has hardly been an answer to celebrate.