England: “Lost Generation” demands a future

October 2011

Mass media is portraying the rioting committed by thousands of people from London to Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester as a “crime” committed by “animals.” Now that the show appears to be over, with 16,000 police having arrested more than 2,000 teenage “monsters,” and with harsh sentences and eviction notices being served in retribution, everyone… Read more »

FS editorial – Europe’s money woes: austerity or revolution?

December 2011

Economic convulsions in the European Union are not about spoiled workers having it too good with all their costly social welfare programs. Rather, they are about Europe’s desperate ruling class trying to keep a tottering capitalism upright, and safe from rebellion. Composed of nations and peoples of different histories, languages and cultures, and varying speeds… Read more »

Europe: hot zone of the economic crisis

April 2012

The word austere comes from the Greek austeros, meaning “bitter” or “harsh,” originally referring to wine that “makes the tongue dry.” The economic austerity that Greek workers, youth, and pensioners are now being forced to swallow will parch their entire bodies. Under a scheme devised by the European Commission, European Central Bank, and International Monetary… Read more »

The Greek crisis and you: lessons of a political sea change

August 2012

Greece is several hours ahead of the U.S. on world clocks. But midnight will strike in Washington as surely as it does in Athens. Draconian austerity plans already begun in Greece will ripple to the U.S. And the June national election in Greece has a U.S. counterpart in November and beyond. Working people in both… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor — October 2012

October 2012

PRISONER BACKS FSP And there’s lots more support behind bars Revolutionary greetings. I believe there needs to be a third party system. For decades this capitalist machine has bogged down and drowned out the real voices of the masses. As a political prisoner, I support candidates Stephen Durham for president and Christina López as vice… Read more »

In Spain, workers’ passionate fight against austerity measures

October 2012

The streets of cities and towns across Spain ring with chants. “It’s not a crisis, it’s daylight robbery!” “Hands up, this is a stick up!” The worldwide scenario of governments robbing working people of their livelihoods and homes, while bailing out banks, has hit Spain with a vengeance. Its economy was booming until the international… Read more »

2012: Un año de osada rebelión pero sin resolución

diciembre de 2012

En el año 2012 se ha visto a los trabajadores y estudiantes de todo el mundo aún apaleados por la austeridad — y aún luchando en forma nunca antes superada, desde Atenas y Moscú hasta Calcuta y Chicago. A medida que luchaban, su ira se enfrentaba con la creciente represión del Estado: gas lacrimógeno, redadas… Read more »

2012: A year of brave revolt, but one with no resolution

December 2012

2012 saw the world’s workers and students still pummeled by the ruling-class austerity drive — and still fighting back in record-breaking ways, from Athens and Moscow to Calcutta and Chicago. As they did, their rage met with increasing state repression: tear gas, raids by spy agencies, and laws criminalizing dissent and shredding civil liberties. An… Read more »

From Cyprus to the US — And now this: open theft by banks!

June 2013

What’s it called when workers deposit their hard-earned cash into their modest bank accounts only to find out that a politician has grabbed an armful of the money and handed it over to failing banks? We call it theft. The big banks are the thieves, their politicians willing accomplices. A fairy-tale? Hardly — it’s actually… Read more »

Greece: a gutted economy fuels fascist threat; Freedom Socialist Party envoys meet in Athens with organizers against Golden Dawn

December 2013

Tension was high in Greece in October 2013 when two comrades and I — Los Angeles Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) Organizer Muffy Sunde and San Francisco poet Nellie Wong — traveled to Athens to meet with socialists active in the anti-fascist movement. A few weeks earlier, anti-racist rapper Pavlos Fissas had been stabbed to death… Read more »