In Spain, workers’ passionate fight against austerity measures

October 2012

The streets of cities and towns across Spain ring with chants. “It’s not a crisis, it’s daylight robbery!” “Hands up, this is a stick up!” The worldwide scenario of governments robbing working people of their livelihoods and homes, while bailing out banks, has hit Spain with a vengeance. Its economy was booming until the international… Read more »

2012: Un año de osada rebelión pero sin resolución

diciembre de 2012

En el año 2012 se ha visto a los trabajadores y estudiantes de todo el mundo aún apaleados por la austeridad — y aún luchando en forma nunca antes superada, desde Atenas y Moscú hasta Calcuta y Chicago. A medida que luchaban, su ira se enfrentaba con la creciente represión del Estado: gas lacrimógeno, redadas… Read more »

2012: A year of brave revolt, but one with no resolution

December 2012

2012 saw the world’s workers and students still pummeled by the ruling-class austerity drive — and still fighting back in record-breaking ways, from Athens and Moscow to Calcutta and Chicago. As they did, their rage met with increasing state repression: tear gas, raids by spy agencies, and laws criminalizing dissent and shredding civil liberties. An… Read more »

From Cyprus to the US — And now this: open theft by banks!

June 2013

What’s it called when workers deposit their hard-earned cash into their modest bank accounts only to find out that a politician has grabbed an armful of the money and handed it over to failing banks? We call it theft. The big banks are the thieves, their politicians willing accomplices. A fairy-tale? Hardly — it’s actually… Read more »

Greece: a gutted economy fuels fascist threat; Freedom Socialist Party envoys meet in Athens with organizers against Golden Dawn

December 2013

Tension was high in Greece in October 2013 when two comrades and I — Los Angeles Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) Organizer Muffy Sunde and San Francisco poet Nellie Wong — traveled to Athens to meet with socialists active in the anti-fascist movement. A few weeks earlier, anti-racist rapper Pavlos Fissas had been stabbed to death… Read more »

Greek austerity and the plight of women

February 2014

On my way to Greece in September 2013, I expected to see boarded-up shops and people sleeping on sidewalks. Greece was the first country to fall victim to vicious austerity actions when the global recession hit in 2008. But I was frankly stunned at how grievously government budget cuts have pummeled Greek society, especially its… Read more »

Clean fracking? No such thing

April 2014

At present, France outlaws hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) — the process of pumping water mixed with chemicals into porous rock to drive out oil and natural gas, like an explosive pressure cooker. Fracking endangers workers, drains and contaminates precious water supplies, pollutes the air, contributes to global warming, devastates pristine rural areas, and can cause earthquakes… Read more »

RUSSIA: What the Ukraine crisis reveals about the post-Soviet state

April 2014

From the Sochi Olympic Games to the eruption in Ukraine that sparked Russia’s move into Crimea, recent developments have put Russia in the spotlight. But what do the complex events mean? Both Western and Russian mainstream media offer smoke and mirrors, not clarity. Only a look at history and class interests can pierce the fog…. Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor, August 2014

August 2014

EL SALVADOR Hard times In El Salvador the newly elected government hopes to continue the social programs of the previous leftist Fuentes government. The current Ceren government will be affected by the growing crisis or the possible fall of the Maduro government in Venezuela [Venezuela: Imperialist threats and the limits of populism, Vol. 35, No…. Read more »