In Greece, a September election with no real winners

October 8, 2015

The main takeaway of the snap election to parliament on September 20 is this: people in Greece are tired and angry — so they decided to stay home. The Syriza party of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras got the biggest number of votes, but it was a hollow victory. Syriza received a little more than 35… Read more »

Grecia, el Triángulo Imposible

2 de julio 2015

“Esto puede fallar, pero vale la pena intentarlo porque todas las otras opciones son peores,” escribió al final de su reciente mea culpa Dominique Strauss-Khan, ex director del Fondo Monetario Internacional, en el que admite que las políticas del FMI para Grecia fracasaron y propone operar una cuantiosa reducción de la deuda pública. El hecho… Read more »

Greece: The Impossible Triangle

July 2, 2015

“This may fail but it is worthwhile to make it happen because all the other options are worse,” wrote Dominique Strauss-Khan, the ex-director of the IMF, in a mea culpa in which he admits the failure of the IMF measures and proposes a substantial reduction in Greece’s public debt as a remedy. The fact that… Read more »

Anti-Imperialist Camp leaders in Italy acquitted of terrorism charges

October 6, 2010

Statement by Moreno Pasquinelli, defendant in the case September 23rd, 2010 is a day we will not forget easily: “Under the article 530, first paragraph, the accused are acquitted because there is no case to answer.” It was a full victory, on a legal level in the first place, but also on a political and… Read more »

Murry Weiss on Portugal

Spring 1977

(Excerpts from a speech delivered in August, 1976, summarizing the views of Murry Weiss and Myra Tanner Weiss on the continuing Portuguese revolution and the serious divisions within the Fourth International between the major of world Trotskyism and the Socialist Workers Party in the U.S.) The first task of revolutionaries in the United States is… Read more »

Crisis of Leadership in Portugal

Fall 1977

Milton and Edith Zaslow, leaders of Trotskyist regroupment in this country and founding members of the new Committee for a Revolutionary Socialist Party, analyze the problems facing the Portuguese working class and the character of the Portuguese Communist Party. The Zaslows reside in Los Angeles, California. Their article is a counter-position to that of “Murry… Read more »

Letter from Italy: Poverty, Machismo and Madonnas

Fall 1977

I’m having an unforgettable time exploring ancient Roman ruins, renaissance art, and the contemporary marvels of Italian radical politics. Lavishly adorned churches loom everywhere, flaunting the vast wealth and power of the Vatican but impervious to the tremendous social problems confronting the people. Trigger-happy police routinely brandish submachine guns at worker and student demonstrators. And… Read more »

Paris: A split in the Union of the Left

Fall 1977

The workers’ mood here is one of demoralization since the split in the Union of the Left, a popular front composed of the Communist party, Socialist party, and the Left Radicals, a bourgeois liberal party seeking left cover. In the face of the government austerity program of speedups and wage freezes, the workers were awaiting… Read more »