International roundup: Iran, Cuba, Ireland, Namibia, Afghanistan

Fall 1979

Iran Save Iranian Trotskyists A tidal wave of repression launched by the Khomeini/Bazargan government of Iran has resulted in the executions of at least 70 Kurdish leaders and an unknown number of women and gays. Thousands of anti-Shah fighters, including 14 members of the Trotskyist Iranian Socialist Workers Party (HKS), have been imprisoned. Twelve of… Read more »

Northern Ireland: A political tour

Winter 1979

Wherever we traveled in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, we searched for revolutionary leaders, for Marxists in the tradition of the great labor organizer James Connolly who was executed by the British after the 1916 Uprising. And what we found was an amazing number of heroic women — determined, strong, young working women heavily… Read more »

International Roundup: Poland, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Iran

Summer/Fall 1980

Poland Down with the privileges of the bureaucracy! Down with Stakhanovism! Down with the Soviet aristocracy and its ranks and orders! Greater equality of wages for all forms of labor! The struggle for the freedom of the trade unions and the factory committees, for the right of assembly and freedom of the press, will unfold… Read more »

Hyping the Great White Hope

Fall 1981

When Jack Johnson flattened Tommy Bums to win the heavyweight championship of the world, he knocked the boxing fraternity on its ear and kicked off the most turbulent era in modem sports history. Johnson was Black, the year was 1908, and the referee had barely started his 10-count over Bums when an international search for… Read more »

International Roundup

Fall 1981

France Capitalists cringed, the stock market plunged, and radicals celebrated in the streets of Paris on May 10, when French voters overwhelmingly rejected the 14-year incumbent president, conservative Giscard d’Estaing, and elected Socialist Party leader Francois Mitterand. In June, socialists were elected to 290 of 491 seats in the new French Parliament, giving the Left… Read more »

The unsmiling Irish

Fall 1981

Michael Devine died on August 20, the tenth Irish Republican Army (IRA) hunger striker to lay down his life to repudiate British rule and assert the right to self-determination for Northern Ireland. But the Catholic Church has pressured relatives of the remaining hunger strikers into ordering medical treatment to prevent further deaths. Early in October,… Read more »

Europe on the march: Which way for the peace movement?

Spring 1982

A tidal wave of human indignation swept Western Europe at the close of 1981. Three million protesters jammed the streets of London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Athens, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Bonn, Oslo, and other cities, demanding a halt to NATO’s plans to set up Europe as a nuclear battlefield. The series of massive demonstrations in October and… Read more »

International Roundup — Greece, Ireland, Namibia

Spring 1982

Greece Hot on the heels of the French Socialist Party victory in May 1981, and amid massive anti-NATO demonstrations that swept Western Europe last fall, Greece’s social democratic Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) jolted world imperialism with its October electoral victory over the rightwing New Democracy Party (NDP). Backed by small industrialists, businessmen, farmers, and much… Read more »

Stalin’s iron fist: Martial law in Poland

Spring 1982

The ruling Polish United Workers Party (PUWP) struck a blow against the rising power of workers when Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski declared a state of war on December 13 against the dynamic independent trade union, Solidarity. In a series of swift and ruthless moves, Solidarity leaders were jailed, all electronic communications were blocked, a stringent… Read more »

The Malvinas: comic opera or prelude to World War III?

Summer 1982

Frantically waving the Union Jack, imperialism has just completed a fierce and deadly war over a barren archipelago in the South Atlantic. From the time Argentina reclaimed the Malvinas (Falkland Islands) from British colonialism on April 2 until its defeat on June 15, the English carried on like something out of Gilbert and Sullivan —… Read more »