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In celebration of a Native American Thanksgiving feast

October 2014

The following salute was given at the Thanksgiving Day celebration in honor of Native Americans held on Nov. 24, 2010 at New Freeway Hall in Seattle, WA. The speaker was Anne Guerry Hoddersen, International Secretary for the Freedom Socialist Party. We all know that Columbus and the Pilgrims got everything wrong when they landed on… Read more »

Outrage at government massacre of student activists erupts throughout Mexico

December 2014

There is a terrible permanence of repression in Mexico. On Oct. 2, 1968, federal police opened fire on student demonstrators in the Tlatelolco district of Mexico City. They killed an unknown number — between 300 and thousands — injured many more, and arrested over 1,300. This year, students of the rural teachers college in Ayotzinapa,… Read more »

México: el mayor crimen político en décadas

feberero de 2015

Este texto está basado en el supuesto de que la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) ha dado información verídica en relación con un hecho: los normalistas de Ayotzinapa fueron asesinados. En todo lo demás el Gobierno da información a medias, oculta o miente con el fin de construir una versión en la que ningún… Read more »

Rebellion and repression from Ferguson to Ayotzinapa

February 2015

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty!” shouts a picket sign thrust into the sky at one of thousands of protests against the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and of Eric Garner in New York City. That same sentiment defines the Mexican eruption at the kidnapping and slaying of 43 Ayotzinapa teachers… Read more »

Murder of 43 students in Mexico: the greatest political crime in decades

February 2015

This article accepts the Mexican government’s statement that the students studying to be teachers in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, were murdered. Regarding other aspects of this crime the government is lying or hiding information, in order to shield public officials (with the exception of the ex-mayor of Iguala) from responsibility. The government’s line is that the narcotraffickers… Read more »

Cuba: la encrucijada de una revolución

abril de 2015

Muchos cubanos se sintieron alegres por las noticias de la distensión de las relaciones con EEUU. El anuncio de los presidentes Barack Obama y Raúl Castro en diciembre de 2014 provocó la esperanza de que se terminara la separación entre seres amados, que pudieran disfrutar más de la libertad de comunicarse, o de conseguir un… Read more »

Cuba: crossroads for a revolution

April 2015

For many Cubans, news of the thaw in relations with the U.S. was joyous. The announcement by Presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro in December 2014 raised hopes of ending separations between loved ones, enjoying more freedom of communication, or gaining a job in the tourist industry with its access to valuable U.S. dollars. And… Read more »

From graffiti girl to organizer: my revolutionary education

April 2015

I am from drive-bys, sirens, and the cries of a desperate mother asking for help. From the city of lost souls, the city of angels. I am from beans, rice, and leftovers to the endless streets of taco stands. I am from Aztec dancers. I am from feminism and activism. I have witnessed first-hand how… Read more »