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El gobierno Dominicano detiene, reprime y deporta a miles de inmigrantes Haitianos y sus descendientes

octubre de 2015

Yesibon Senatus, 70 años de edad, haitiano de nacimiento, cortador de caña, desde hace tiempo lucha por la pensión y residencia Dominicana. Quesnel Michell, 22 años, hijo cañeros, nacido y criado en Dominicana, registrado por sus padres en la Oficialía del Batey Magdalena, propiedad del Central Romana, a quien la Junta Central Electoral le negó… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — “Guatemalan Spring”

October 2015

Corruption in high places has been business-as-usual in Guatemala for 60 years. It’s the reason rich men run for president. However, since April, huge, daily anti-corruption protests have erupted nationwide against President Otto Pérez Molina and his administration. Numerous political appointees have resigned and both the president and vice president are now jailed, charged with… Read more »

Immigrants found buried in mass “graves of shame” in Texas

December 2015

Seventy miles from the Mexican border in dirt-poor Brooks County, Texas, the human remains of hundreds of asylum seekers, mostly from Central America and Mexico, were uncovered in 2014 in a mass grave. Hundreds more are believed elsewhere in South Texas. Desperate people died while escaping police violence, civil war, all-powerful street gangs, and take-no-prisoners… Read more »

How Wall Street and US colonialism created Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

December 2015

Thousands of government workers protested proposed cuts to education and freezing of public union wages and hiring in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 11, 2015. Photo: Alvin Baez / Reuters Most tourists see Puerto Rico as a care-free island paradise. But while visiting in 2014, this author heard from workers what life was really… Read more »

Pope Francis, the Catholic Church, and Argentina’s “Dirty War”

December 2015

These richly-robed men rule the wealthiest entity on the planet. Photo: Allessandro Bianchi / Reuters Throughout the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, Latin America was a battleground between the haves and the have-nots. On one side were people fighting for social justice and radical change, no doubt inspired by the Cuban Revolution. On the other side… Read more »

Dirigente sindical costarricense Orlando Barrantes – Pena de prisión de 12 años en una emboscada política

diciembre de 2015

Orlando Barrantes Orlando Barrantes ha dedicado su vida a mejorar las condiciones de los pobres y de los trabajadores en Costa Rica. Durante muchos años fue el Secretario General del Consejo Nacional de Trabajadores Bananeros (CONATRAB) y actualmente es líder del Movimiento de los Trabajadores y Campesinos (MTC). Ahora se enfrenta a una larga pena… Read more »

Keep pressure up to free Nestora Salgado

December 2015

As the third year of Nestora Salgado’s unjust imprisonment begins, her supporters continue to organize in Mexico, the USA and internationally for her release. Salgado, a U.S. citizen, was jailed in Mexico in 2013 on manufactured kidnapping charges. It was a political attack on the indigenous community police of Guerrero state. She headed the Olinalá… Read more »