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History catches up with Pinochet

Summer/Autumn 1999

Justice postponed is justice denied, according to a familiar adage. Certainly the current legal battle over the extradition of former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte will not begin to make amends for those who died, or were forced to flee, his brutal regime. However, this does not mean that this bloody ex-puppet of the… Read more »

International Feminist Brigade to Cuba Defend the Revolution by Imitating its Defiance!

Summer/Autumn 1998

Imagine living in a society where education, healthcare and childcare are free; the law treats women as equals to men; the community enforces law against discrimination and sexual assault; abortion is legal; workers have a say in national economic planning and elections are democratic. Sounds unreal? It’s not. These are the results of the 1959… Read more »