middle east

Israel must be stopped

December 2023

There can be no peace in the Middle East while Israel occupies Palestine, supported by the U.S. for reasons of self-interest.

The March for Israel Was a Hate Rally

November 15, 2023

From Jewish and left sportswriter Dave Zirin, a column excoriating Democratic Party leaders who march in lockstep with Trumpists when it comes to Israel.

La crítica no es antisemitismo

Diciembre de 2023

As outrage over the horrendous Zionist siege of Gaza spreads, so do accusations of antisemitism by Israel’s ride-or-die supporters, who label critics as Jew-haters.

Gaza: The Past Nine Days for Me

October 16, 2023

An October 16 call to action by Palestinian-Jordanian Rahmeh AbuShweimeh, University of Washington 2022 graduation speaker now living in Amman.

Take action for Afghan women on October 7

September 30, 2023

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women calls for global action on October 7, anniversary of the U.S. so-called “War on Terror” in Afghanistan.