middle east

Anti-war marchers on the move

October 2009

If there ever were a time for waves of people to take to the streets and demonstrate vast popular opposition to the U.S. war machine, it’s now. On Oct. 17,… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

February 2010

GLOBAL SOCIALISTS Afghan greetings The Afghanistan Socialist Association (ASA) is pleased to wish you a happy and a triumphant new year 2010. Poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence and finally a fraudulent… Read more »

Gaza freedom marchers expose Egypt

February 2010

Nearly 1,400 international activists from 43 countries planned to march into Gaza in late December to protest with Palestinians against Israel’s deadly blockade. It was to be a gripping memorial… Read more »

Revolt in Iran sparks debate at Seattle forum

April 2010

“Protests of last summer’s election fraud quickly grew to defiant uprisings, beginning a new revolutionary period in Iran,” declared Kamran Sharifi, an Iranian social justice activist and Marxist analyst. Sharifi… Read more »