middle east

Unprecedented mass reaction to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Summer/Autumn 2008

We are pleased to publish this slightly abridged version of a statement by the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP), issued by General Secretary Farooq Tariq, on 29 December 2007, just two days after the assassination of opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto. This working class view from inside Pakistan tells a story of struggle that the mainstream… Read more »

Unity for Peace Conference injects energy into the Australian anti-war movement

Winter/Spring 2006

The Unity for Peace Conference, held in Melbourne on 27 May, attracted nearly 300 activists from around the country to discuss strategies for the movement. Alison Thorne, who represented the Freedom Socialist Party, assesses the conference. Delegates from 80 organisations and individual anti-war activists filled the hall at the Maritime Union for a day of… Read more »

Iranian feminist speaks out against invasion threat

Winter/Spring 2006

Roya Sahraei is an Iranian women’s rights activist who now lives in Sydney. This is an extract from her speech at the Unity for Peace Conference on 27 May 2006. “My childhood was lost during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war. Instead of happy memories, my childhood was full of fear, agitation, desolation and brutal human butchery…. Read more »

Ali’s story: Powerful weapon in the struggle for justice for refugees

Summer/Autumn 2006

“What we have is the Minister of Defence saying in the immediate post Tampa environment, don’t humanise the refugees.” This is a quote from the October 2002 Senate report on the “Children Overboard” affair. The Howard Government has deliberately tried to suppress individual stories of refugees — who are to be kept nameless and faceless…. Read more »

Afghan people protest failures of Karzai’s puppet regime

Winter/Spring 2005

In May, Afghan authorities attempted to suppress huge demonstrations which erupted  across the country. The media characterised these protests as a one-off event and superficially claimed that the cause was the publication of a Newsweek story exposing an incident where U.S. officials insulted the Koran. Afghan activists argue that, far from being a one-off event,… Read more »

Exposing the Spartacist school of falsification

Winter/Spring 2005

For those who have not had the pleasure of an introduction, the Spartacist League (SL) is a self-described “propaganda group” which specialises in sectarian attacks on what it calls “opponent groups” in the socialist movement.  A correct view of history is important, because it informs how we organise today and how we form political policy… Read more »

Your Say

Winter/Spring 2005

Law change the tip of the iceberg It was great to read the article on provocation in the Freedom Socialist Bulletin. Rob Hulls and John Thwaites have made all the right noises, but the whole of the Defence to Homicide Report needs to be adopted or the situation for women who kill after abuse will… Read more »

Resisting the Bush War Machine

Summer/Autumn 2005

“For these reasons, it is absurd to condemn the resistance to the U.S. occupation in Iraq as being masterminded by terrorists or insurgents or supporters of Saddam Hussein. After all if the United States were invaded and occupied, would everybody who fought to liberate it be a terrorist or an insurgent or a Bushite? The… Read more »

Peace is possible! A dialogue between radical Arabs and Jews

Winter/Spring 2003

Watch the nightly news, and the prospects for peace in the Middle East seem hopeless. The Israeli State is blatantly assassinating Palestinian leaders and the right of return for Palestinians who lived decades in refugee camps is off the agenda. Meanwhile, the Iraqi people are living under U.S. occupation. But the good news is that… Read more »