middle east

Exposing the Spartacist school of falsification

Winter/Spring 2005

For those who have not had the pleasure of an introduction, the Spartacist League (SL) is a self-described “propaganda group” which specialises in sectarian attacks on what it calls “opponent groups” in the socialist movement.  A correct view of history is important, because it informs how we organise today and how we form political policy… Read more »

Your Say

Winter/Spring 2005

Law change the tip of the iceberg It was great to read the article on provocation in the Freedom Socialist Bulletin. Rob Hulls and John Thwaites have made all the right noises, but the whole of the Defence to Homicide Report needs to be adopted or the situation for women who kill after abuse will… Read more »

Afghan people protest failures of Karzai’s puppet regime

Winter/Spring 2005

In May, Afghan authorities attempted to suppress huge demonstrations which erupted  across the country. The media characterised these protests as a one-off event and superficially claimed that the cause was the publication of a Newsweek story exposing an incident where U.S. officials insulted the Koran. Afghan activists argue that, far from being a one-off event,… Read more »

Resisting the Bush War Machine

Summer/Autumn 2005

“For these reasons, it is absurd to condemn the resistance to the U.S. occupation in Iraq as being masterminded by terrorists or insurgents or supporters of Saddam Hussein. After all if the United States were invaded and occupied, would everybody who fought to liberate it be a terrorist or an insurgent or a Bushite? The… Read more »

Peace is possible! A dialogue between radical Arabs and Jews

Winter/Spring 2003

Watch the nightly news, and the prospects for peace in the Middle East seem hopeless. The Israeli State is blatantly assassinating Palestinian leaders and the right of return for Palestinians who lived decades in refugee camps is off the agenda. Meanwhile, the Iraqi people are living under U.S. occupation. But the good news is that… Read more »

Poetry: “Growing Up Jewish”

Winter/Spring 2003

For my Bar Mitzvah I received, along with some fountain pens and Israeli Savings Bonds,  a few certificates informing me that, in Israel,  trees had been planted in my honor. We were  taught that Israel was an empty, unpopulated desert. As a young teen, I was repeatedly shown films about the horrors of Auschwitz, Dachau,… Read more »

Standing in solidarity with Muslim women

Summer/Autumn 2003

Bush’s “War on Terrorism” has the sickening stench of racism — as wars for profit always do. In the previous world war, Uncle Sam saved “Western Civilisation” from “Asian hordes.” Today, he’s going after “Islamic terrorists” from the Middle East and Asia. According to Fred Nile, Christian fundamentalist Member of Parliament in New South Wales,… Read more »

End the Middle East War: Mass, Democratic Anti-War Movement Needed Now!

Summer/Autumn 2003

The escalation of the military offensive in the Gulf is merely the latest phase in a dirty war. George W. Bush, who occupies the White House only because his Daddy’s buddies rigged an election, is merely continuing Daddy’s unfinished business. That business, as just about everybody realises, is oil. The vast bulk of the world’s… Read more »