New Zealand

New Zealand dock workers can win but not without a fight

April 2, 2012

Events continue to unfold at a dizzying speed in the industrial dispute at Ports of Auckland Limited (POAL). On Friday afternoon CEO Tony Gibson was insisting that the company’s plan to contract out its workforce “remains our bottom line.” This is despite a series of legal and political setbacks to the plan over the past… Read more »

Maori resistance to the theft of the seabed and foreshore

Winter/Spring 2004

In June 2003, New Zealand’s Court of Appeal ruled that the customary title of Maori (Aotearoa/NZ’s Indigenous people) to the seabed and foreshore had never been legally extinguished, and that cases relating to it could therefore be heard by the Maori Land Court. The social democratic Labour  government of Prime Minister Helen Clarke reacted to… Read more »