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Liyarn Ngarn: A journey of oppression, resistance and hope

Summer/Autumn 2008

Liyarn Ngarn is a road movie. British actor, Pete Postlethwaite, renowned for his roles in Brassed Off and In The Name of the Father, takes an outback trip through Western Australia with singer songwriter, Archie Roach. Roach’s haunting melodies, combined with Postlethwaite’s journey to learn about the oppression of Aboriginal Australians, makes for a dynamite… Read more »

Black Tears Sanitised

Winter/Spring 2007

On June 2, Powderfinger released their sixth studio album, Dream Days at the Hotel Existence. The album contains a sanitised version of the track, “Black Tears,” after the band was pressured by defence lawyers for Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, who was charged with manslaughter over the death of Mulrunji in a Palm Island watchhouse. Hurley’s… Read more »

Radical Women hosts Indigenous rabble-rouser

Winter/Spring 2007

Nellie Moore and Alison Thorne at Solidarity Salon. On 17 April, Solidarity Salon was filled with Radical Women (RW) members, supporters and new friends eager to hear Nellie Moore, a veteran fighter for Aboriginal rights. RW decided to host the gathering to pay tribute to Moore and provide a platform for her to talk about… Read more »

Book review: Guido Barracchi: Tenacious but flawed

Winter/Spring 2007

Jeff Sparrow’s biography of Australian communist Guido Barracchi, Communism: A Love Story is an allegory for twentieth century radicals and anti-authoritarians. Australia has produced a number of prominent rabble-rousers over the past hundred years, including author Frank Hardy, writer Katherine Susannah Pritchard and feminist Germaine Greer. So Sparrow’s choice of subject is an interesting one…. Read more »

Cannot Buy My Soul: Music industry tribute to Kev Carmody

Winter/Spring 2007

Kev Carmody Cannot Buy My Soul is a tribute album, paying homage to singer and songwriter, Kev Carmody. The album, produced by Paul Kelly, is musically brilliant and will bring the gutsy songs of Carmody to a whole new audience. Describing the project, Carmody said: “this is the old folk tradition where old songs and… Read more »

Don’t let education be handed back to the rich: It’s time for students and unions to take the offensive

Winter/Spring 2007

The Howard Government imposed Voluntary Student Union legislation to destroy a collective voice for students. In a privatising frenzy, John Howard’s Coalition Government is going after education as if there’s no tomorrow. For the ordinary person, education decides how life will turn out. It’s a right. But to Howard and his neoliberal ilk, rights are… Read more »