East Timor: A victory to celebrate and a struggle ahead

Winter/Spring 2002

When the Freedom Socialist Party established a branch in Melbourne in 1983, one of our first affiliations was with the Australia-East Timor Association. Nineteen years later, we were overjoyed to join with the tenacious people of East Timor, their allies in the Indonesian democracy movement which booted out the dictator Suharto, and hundreds of thousands… Read more »

French elections confirm urgent need for Left unity – Join Socialist Alliance!

Winter/Spring 2002

The recent French elections highlight why revolutionary socialists participate in electoral politics. The result is also a powerful argument for united Left electoral alliances, argues Alison Thorne, a member of the Socialist Alliance National Executive and Convener of the Wills Branch. The result of the first round of the French Presidential elections, held on 21… Read more »

“Anti-terror” laws attack basic rights: Organise to force a repeal — now!

Winter/Spring 2002

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, when two planes smashed into New York’s World Trade Centre, those responsible committed two atrocious crimes. They killed, in one shockingly memorable moment, more than three thousand people going about their work. And they handed the repressive forces of world Capital — headed up by the court-appointed President George W…. Read more »

ALP must NOT fudge on mandatory detention

Winter/Spring 2002

The ALP leadership is tying itself in semantic knots. It now wants to politically distinguish itself from the Coalition over refugee policy while at the same time continuing to support the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. During the last Federal election, the Labor Party vowed it would be more effective at securing Australia’s borders than… Read more »

Howard’s agenda for Indigenous people is assimilationist

Winter/Spring 2002

Aboriginal leaders are right to be outraged by the Howard Government’s blatant ideological assault on the right to self-determination. At the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Policy Conference last March, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Philip Ruddock announced a five-point plan which essentially blames Indigenous people for their own oppression. Ruddock lambastes Aboriginal organisations for… Read more »

Your Say

Winter/Spring 2002

Workers Reject War Madness Both the Pakistani and Indian regimes have nuclear weapons and are currently whipping up nationalism and chauvinism in order to create war hysteria. Neither regime cares for the interests of the working class and peasantry of the region. Since coming to power, the Pakistani military dictatorship under Musharraf has introduced vicious… Read more »

Remembering the real Alec Campbell 1899 – 2002

Winter/Spring 2002

When Alec Campbell died in Tasmania in May, the nationalistic humbug monitor went off the scale. There was a State Funeral at which Prime Minister Howard spoke. There were wrap-around specials in all the newspapers and endless drivel from the talking heads on TV and radio. All focussed on two months at the beginning of… Read more »

Promoting the vision of a just world

Winter/Spring 2002

Brigitte Ellery is a public housing advocate and member of Geelong Radical Women. She is a disability pensioner who is employed casually as a personal care worker. She is the preselected Socialist Alliance candidate for the Victorian State seat of Geelong North. “I’m standing to help make Socialist Alliance widely known as a political alternative…. Read more »

Special report from Pakistan: Working women spearhead resistance to U.S. war, religious fundamentalism and the Musharraf dictatorship

Summer/Autumn 2002

The Pentagon and its propaganda mouthpiece, CNN, would have us believe that the U.S.-led war against Afghanistan is between the “free world” and the Taliban. The U.S. government struts around as a liberator and brings out “First Lady” Laura Bush to justify the destruction of Afghanistan because of the Taliban’s horrific sexism. That the CIA… Read more »