The “shocking truth” about corporate welfare dependency!

Winter/Spring 2000

Australian corporate welfare — free handouts to business — is a tale of commercial intrigue, political hypocrisy, back room deals, kickbacks and official cover-ups. The Greens have recently lifted the lid on this corruption with a detailed report, yet for something that should have made headlines across the country, it was mostly stifled and swept… Read more »

Hit the Greedy NOT the Needy: Government caught out on vicious cost-cutting plan

Summer/Autumn 2000

On 29 September, Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Jocelyn Newman, made a speech at the National Press Club announcing that social policy would be the next major “reform” priority of the Government. She has set up a hand-picked committee to develop a Green Paper on welfare reform. But Minister Newman already has her… Read more »

Business Dumps its Arbitration “Umpire”: if they want a fight, let’s give ’em one!

Summer/Autumn 2000

On August 12 last year, at least 80,000 strikers marched in Melbourne against the anti-union “second wave” assault by Federal Industrial Minister, Peter Reith. In many other cities, workers took to the streets to protest against the Howard Government’s agenda. His proposed legislation — perversely titled the Workplace Legislation Amendment (More Jobs, Better Pay) Act… Read more »

Death of a picketer: Honour Christine Clarke by continuing the struggle

Summer/Autumn 2000

December 31, 1999: while the world was mesmerised by multi-million dollar fireworks displays and TV cameras were pointed skyward, a tragic story — the death of picketer, Christine Clarke — was confined to New Zealand’s local news. Christine Clarke, aged 45, was picketing on the Lyttleton waterfront when she was run down by a scab… Read more »

NMIT Unionists Update: Flawed EO Law Allows Only Partial Victory

Summer/Autumn 2000

A decision in Alison Thorne’s Equal Opportunity Case against Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) was handed down on August 25 last year. Alison, the local Australian Education Union (AEU) branch President and a teacher of 20 years’ standing, was dismissed from her full-time position at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) on April 11,… Read more »

Who’s pulling YOUR strings? The money manipulating the media

Summer/Autumn 2000

Did listeners find their views about the big four Australian banks “slowly shifting” over the past year? The views of John Laws, the immensely influential “shock jock” star of commercial radio’s 2UE certainly shifted. He changed from being stridently anti-bank, mirroring the resentment of his blue collar constituency — to urging “let’s be fair” approval…. Read more »

Elián González Brotóns: 6-Year-Old Hostage of Yankee Imperialism

Summer/Autumn 2000

December 5, 1999 — news from Miami: Elián González Brotóns, a young shipwreck survivor from Cuba, blew out the candles of his birthday cake. He had just turned six. With his mother, the “little Cuban refugee” had set out for the Land of the Free. She drowned. Elián was saved by the U.S. Coast Guard… Read more »

Mobilise Now Against Backward Laws: Equal Access to Reproductive Technology

Summer/Autumn 2000

The patriarchal nuclear family may have disappeared from most households, but it’s alive and kicking in Victoria’s fertility laws. In August last year, a lesbian police officer was charged with using an in vitro fertility (IVF) treatment. According to the Victorian Infertility Treatment Act (ITA), only married or heterosexual defacto couples can legally access IVF… Read more »

“Battle in Seattle” Promises a New Era of Solidarity Against Free Trade Piracy

Summer/Autumn 2000

When representatives of the World Trade Organization swept into downtown Seattle at the end of November, they meant for their five-day Ministerial Round to entrench and expand “free trade” — the free ride of the biggest corporations at the expense of everyone else. Instead, the WTO meeting crashed and burned, thwarted by determined protesters in… Read more »