Racist Immigration Laws Resurrect White Australia Policy

Summer/Autumn 2000

Chasing votes. Enraging the remnants of One Nation, the Howard Government has pinched its immigration policy by enacting the Border Protection Act. This cruel law permits officials to board refugee boats and threaten the occupants. Refugees who are in danger of death will be limited to three-year temporary residency visas, if they’ve “arrived illegally.” The… Read more »

Visiting Queer Historian to pay tribute to Native American Women Leaders

Summer/Autumn 2000

U.S gay activist and award winning author, Will Roscoe, is to visit Australia in early 2000. On February 19, he will speak at a special Melbourne event hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women. The Way We Were, The Way We Can Be will feature the slide show, Woman Warrior/Woman Chief: The Two-Spirit… Read more »

Your Say – Summer/Autumn 2000

Summer/Autumn 2000

Global Sisters owed an apology I have just finished reading your article “Defend Indigenous Sovereignty without conditions! Global sisters debate Makah whale hunt” (FSB # 21). I found many points within the article inappropriate and a distorted interpretation of material posted to Global Sisterhood Network (GSN). From your heading, you infer that considerable argument concerning… Read more »

David Widdup: Pioneer Gay Liberationist, 1947-1999

Summer/Autumn 2000

David Widdup was one of Australia’s earliest, longest-serving and most flamboyant gay activists. When he heard about the formation of the Campaign Against Moral Persecution in Sydney in September 1970, he was quick to volunteer his services, becoming one of the first members of what was to be the nation’s premier homosexual rights organisation. That… Read more »

Hit the Greedy NOT the Needy: Government caught out on vicious cost-cutting plan

Summer/Autumn 2000

On 29 September, Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Jocelyn Newman, made a speech at the National Press Club announcing that social policy would be the next major “reform” priority of the Government. She has set up a hand-picked committee to develop a Green Paper on welfare reform. But Minister Newman already has her… Read more »

Business Dumps its Arbitration “Umpire”: if they want a fight, let’s give ’em one!

Summer/Autumn 2000

On August 12 last year, at least 80,000 strikers marched in Melbourne against the anti-union “second wave” assault by Federal Industrial Minister, Peter Reith. In many other cities, workers took to the streets to protest against the Howard Government’s agenda. His proposed legislation — perversely titled the Workplace Legislation Amendment (More Jobs, Better Pay) Act… Read more »

Death of a picketer: Honour Christine Clarke by continuing the struggle

Summer/Autumn 2000

December 31, 1999: while the world was mesmerised by multi-million dollar fireworks displays and TV cameras were pointed skyward, a tragic story — the death of picketer, Christine Clarke — was confined to New Zealand’s local news. Christine Clarke, aged 45, was picketing on the Lyttleton waterfront when she was run down by a scab… Read more »

History catches up with Pinochet

Summer/Autumn 1999

Justice postponed is justice denied, according to a familiar adage. Certainly the current legal battle over the extradition of former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte will not begin to make amends for those who died, or were forced to flee, his brutal regime. However, this does not mean that this bloody ex-puppet of the… Read more »