Network Unavailable: One.Tel collapses under the weight of its directors’ greed

Winter/Spring 2001

Like many Australians, I have a mobile phone. It’s a great organising tool. I was connected to One.Tel through a corporate deal brokered by my union. Capitalism is such a marvelously efficient system — not! One.Tel, whose directors include Jamie Packer and Lachlan Murdoch, was probably insolvent by December 2000, and currently owes around $1… Read more »

Your Say

Summer/Autumn 2001

Community Legal Centres Fight Back For the past three years, Community Legal Centres (CLCs) have been subjected to a review by the Federal Government which recommended that the 19 metropolitan generalist legal centres be amalgamated into four. This review has overloaded workers and reduced service provision in a sector that has had no significant funding… Read more »

Charles Perkins: a life of commitment

Summer/Autumn 2001

Doctor Charles Nelson Perrurle Perkins died in a Sydney hospital on 18 October 2000 from complications arising from a kidney transplant which he received in 1972. He was 64 years old. Charlie was born in 1936 to Hetti, an eastern Arrernte woman. His father Martin was of Kalkadoon and Irish descent. His early years were… Read more »

Beyond Reconciliation: Fight for real justice for Aborigines

Summer/Autumn 2001

On Sunday, December 3, 2000, six hundred thousand people came out for Melbourne’s Walk for Reconciliation. Perth also had its biggest-ever rally that day, ending a year of similarly spectacular actions. On May 28, Sydney’s Harbour Bridge was crowded with 500,000 marchers. Cities and towns across the country also set their own records — 50,000… Read more »

LaTrobe Hospital Fiasco Gives Privatisation Advocates a Black Eye

Summer/Autumn 2001

Once a small junction on the main Gippsland rail line, Moe together with neighbours Yallourn and Morwell, grew large because of the State Electricity Commission’s (SEC) huge open-cut coal mines and power stations. The expanding population needed medical facilities and throughout the 1960s, the people of the LaTrobe Valley towns raised money for a hospital…. Read more »

Step Up the Fight for Reproductive Rights in Australia: Bring on the Abortion Pill!

Summer/Autumn 2001

On September 28, American women scored a great victory when the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of mifepristone (RU486). Their French and other European sisters had already been safely using the “abortion pill” for almost a decade. Women in Australia are still waiting. What’s the holdup! For ten years, anti-abortionists in… Read more »

An Interview with Palestinian leader, Haidar Abdel Shafi

Summer/Autumn 2001

Dr Haidar Abdel Shafi was born in Gaza in 1919. He is a widely respected left Palestinian leader who is critical of the Oslo Agreements and the undemocratic tendencies of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah faction of the PLO. Shafi is a leader of the Council for Palestinian Restitution and Repatriation, an organisation created to fight for… Read more »

The aged care scandal: Demand justice for seniors!

Summer/Autumn 2001

Late last year, the plight of 88 year old Alice Croser, found confused and distressed at Sydney’s Central railway station, shocked the nation. Alice had been put on the train by her granddaughter in Adelaide to live in Sydney with her 59 year old son. But David didn’t want her, either: his mother, partially blind… Read more »

Surma Hamid: an organiser for Iraqi women’s rights speaks out!

Summer/Autumn 2001

On November 3, the Committee in Defence of Iraqi Women’s Rights (CDIWR) put out a call to protest the mass killings of Iraqi women accused of prostitution. On orders from Saddam Hussein, women and girls are being hunted down and publicly beheaded. Accused of “dishonouring the country,” they are Saddam’s scapegoats in a ruthless campaign… Read more »