Injustice! The cases of Greg Brown and Heather Osland

Summer/Autumn 1999

On December 10, the High Court ruled on the appeal of Heather Osland against her 14-year sentence for killing her violent husband. In a 3-2 decision, the Court resolved that years of systematic, sadistic abuse were not enough to afford Heather, who feared for her life, the right to self-defence. This ruling, by an all-male… Read more »

Tenacity Pays Off: Nazi headquarters shut down!

Winter/Spring 1998

In April this year, after a 15-month battle, Campaign Against the Nazis (CAN) celebrated the closure of a Nazi organising centre in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. National Action (NA) is a Nazi outfit which occasionally emerges from the sewers of Australian politics. In January 1997, NA opened what it called a “bookshop” on Fawkner, a multicultural… Read more »

International Feminist Brigade to Cuba Defend the Revolution by Imitating its Defiance!

Summer/Autumn 1998

Imagine living in a society where education, healthcare and childcare are free; the law treats women as equals to men; the community enforces law against discrimination and sexual assault; abortion is legal; workers have a say in national economic planning and elections are democratic. Sounds unreal? It’s not. These are the results of the 1959… Read more »

Ted Bull: Lifelong Communist – 29 January 1914 – 11 December 1997

Summer/Autumn 1998

Ted Bull was a working class leader, radicalised by being unemployed during the Depression. After years of working as a wharfie, Ted was elected as Secretary of the Waterside Workers Federation in 1967 and held the post for 12 years. The Freedom Socialist Party first worked closely with Ted against the Cain government’s assault on… Read more »

TAFE Workers Fight Breaks in Contracts

Summer/Autumn 1998

Western Melbourne Institute of TAFE (WMIT) has an appalling track record in the way it treats workers employed on fixed-term contracts. A favoured management tactic to prevent workers from being eligible to certain entitlements is to place breaks between the end of one contract and the start of the next. Members of both the Australian… Read more »

More Deaths In Custody: Private Prisons Profit from Misery

Summer/Autumn 1998

George Drinken died at the Port Phillip Prison in Laverton North, Victoria on 30 October 1997. The death at Port Phillip brings the total of deaths in custody in private prisons in Australia to at least 18. The position of State and Territory governments that private prisons would somehow be “better” than State prisons is… Read more »

Nation Feminist Conference Backs TAFE Union Struggle

Summer/Autumn 1998

The 6th Women and Labour Conference (held at Deakin University in Geelong, 28 – 30 November) featured a workshop, “Resist Casualisation and Union Busting in TAFE: Frontline Fighters Speak Out!,” which was jointly sponsored by Radical Women and the NMIT Unionists Campaign Committee. Strong women unionists from the Australian Education Union (AEU) and National Tertiary… Read more »

International Anti-Fascist Conference: A Lost Opportunity to Build Solidarity

Summer/Autumn 1998

In the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the shocking resurgence of fascism in Europe was marked by jackbooted racist skinheads, marches of uniformed “seig-heiling” Hitlerites and the torching of Turkish refugee residences. Now the fascists are forming parties like Austria’s Freedom Party, Italy’s National Alliance and Belgium’s Vlaams Blok and are heading for the ballot box…. Read more »

Walter Hillbrick: Homosexual Rights Pioneer – 7 April 1920 – 11 September 1997

Summer/Autumn 1998

Walter was born at the Salvation Army Home for Unmarried Mothers in North Fitzroy. He became a ward of the state and spent his childhood and adolescence in foster homes and eventually at the Central Mission Training Farm, Tally Ho, run by Edgar Derrick, a humanistic Christian who strongly influenced Walter. After undertaking psychoanalysis in… Read more »

Gee, Thanks Guys!

Summer/Autumn 1998

One thing working class activists have learned is that working people can’t rely on the capitalist state to stop injustice. The reason for this is, of course, that capitalism is the source of injustice, inequality and oppression across the globe. If there’s a battle to be fought, then we have to do it ourselves. We… Read more »