Fred Hyde — on a mission to change the world

February 2021

Profile of a revolutionary lawyer and unionist, offering inspiration for Hyde’s own generation of baby-boomer activists and for newer rebels waging the good fight.

Policing, protest and the pandemic: LGBTIQA+ liberationists speak out against police abuse

November 30, 2020

2020 has been one hell of year—environmental catastrophe, COVID, a capitalist system in crisis, naked police abuse and resistance! LGBTIQA+ people have a massive stake in uniting with other communities to stem the erosion of democratic rights and hold police accountable. Decades of struggle against police abuse. The contemporary queer community was forged through resisting police attacks… Read more »

Las elecciones de 2020: Qué sucedió, por qué y qué va a pasar

diciembre de 2020

Es el berrinche que pasará a la historia. A pesar de que su opositor obtuvo 306 votos decisivos en el Colegio Electoral y un pequeño margen de victoria en el conteo popular, Donald Trump todavía se negaba a conceder la elección a Joe Biden semanas después del día de las elecciones. El resultado del concurso… Read more »

Queer Youth Conference Resists Homophobia And Fascism

Summer/Autumn 1998

My participation in the 13th Annual International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organisation (IGLYO) Conference in Pisa, Italy [27 July – 3 August 1997] was a unique experience. It was the first time any delegate from Australia had been accepted to attend an IGLYO conference, and the first time a representative from any bisexual organisation in the world took part.

Ken Lovett Presente! Immense legacy for all with a passion for justice

25 October 2020

The world is a better place today, thanks to Kendall Lovett. Ken exuded enormous energy and creativity as a community campaigner and movement linchpin who identified with all who are exploited.  Ken died peacefully at home in Melbourne, where he lived with his partner of 27 years, Mannie De Saxe. He was 98 and remained… Read more »