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Congress revisits “Don’t ask, don’t tell”

October 2008

Congress held hearings in July on a bill to overturn the ban on homosexuals in the U.S. military, the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy imposed when Bill Clinton betrayed his promise to end such discrimination. A recent poll showed that 75 percent of the public now approve of gays in the military. The Armed Services… Read more »

Young black lesbians win round in court

October 2008

Days after her release from two years in prison, 21-year-old Terrain Dandridge addressed the June 28 San Francisco Dyke March and thanked queer activists for their support in an ongoing defense campaign to clear the New Jersey 4, a group of young Black lesbians. On a summer 2006 visit to New York City’s Greenwich Village,… Read more »

Gay marriage ban galvanizes protest

December 2008

On Nov. 4 California’s Proposition 8, to repeal same-sex marriage rights, passed. It was the vote heard around the nation. Since then, tens of thousands have spontaneously marched in hundreds of cities and towns to protest gay marriage bans. Queers and supporters were disappointed and angry over the Prop. 8 vote. But as the mass… Read more »

Milk: portrait of past militancy inspires hope for the future

February 2009

In the opening scenes of the movie Milk, starring Sean Penn, old black and white newsreels from the 1950s silently depict police raiding gay bars, herding men into paddy wagons. The images of police persecution hit you in the gut. The reaction is similar to the shock and outrage aroused when viewing images of Black… Read more »

The gay divorcée: be careful what you wish for

June 2009

I’m one of those dykes who was born queer. Almost from the beginning it was clear that little Sukey was on a collision course with the feminine mystique. By the time I was three, I had earned my creds as a militant tomboy. I refused to wear a dress. In kindergarten I even went so… Read more »

Queer liberation and the feminist connection

June 2009

Gay marriage in Iowa! Who would have thought it? Now, with Maine joining its neighbors Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont at the party, five states recognize the civil right of same-sex couples to wed. New York or New Hampshire may have entered the club by the time you read this. So what does this mean? Are… Read more »

For marriage and more: Queers push back in wake of Prop. 8

June 2009

Mass protest followed the passage of Proposition 8 last November – a California ballot measure that overturned the state’s high-court decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Since then, angry queers and supporters have rallied, marched, held teach-ins, and more. Now, all eyes are on the California Supreme Court, which will decide on the constitutionality of Prop…. Read more »

“If you find the right hat, dammit, wear it!”

August 2009

Between 1957 and 1962, Ann Bannon wrote five classic novels about lesbian and gay life. Republished in recent decades, the books brought Bannon new fame, many honors, and acknowledgment of her identity as Dr. Ann Welty, retired professor of linguistics and associate dean at Sacramento State University. Following are excerpts from an extensive interview by… Read more »

Smash the Church, Smash the State: the radical early gay movement

October 2009

“Gay Liberation Front was a quantum leap forward. No more semiclandestine meetings. No more special pleading. No more apologies. Here was a radical organization — wild, woolly and wonderful — ready to fight militantly for freedom.” So writes John Lauritsen in his article “Radical Spirit and Vision,” one of nearly 50 short recollections by and… Read more »

U.S. evangelicals inflame anti-gay fever in Uganda

February 2010

Like much of what is rotten in Africa, hatred and persecution of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people has its roots in colonialism. Almost all of the numerous anti-gay laws in Africa are left over from European control and exploitation of the continent. Now the European Union and White House are condemning a proposed new… Read more »