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U.S. activists — defend Honduran resistance!

April 2010

Violent repression has exploded against the democracy movement in Honduras ever since a sham election in November. The vote was conducted by coup makers who overthrew elected president Manuel Zelaya. Emboldened by U.S. support, death squads now roam the streets, beating, torturing, raping and murdering militants. Shamefully, President Obama sent a delegation to the rightwing… Read more »

Theater Review: The Temperamentals — Queer history hits Broadway

June 2010

Ten years into the new millennium, queer theater is bursting out on Broadway. The one resounding drawback is that none deals with lesbian, bi- or trans- relationships. But surely they will. And it should be soon. Playwright Jan Moran’s The Temperamentals shines especially because it doesn’t shy away from politics. Its title is from a… Read more »

Fed-up queer activists reignite grassroots action

June 2010

Feel the buzz? The new generation of lesbian-gay-bi-trans- organizers is bolder and brassier than ever. These refreshingly grassroots activists are bustin’ out amid a profound shift in popular attitudes toward sexuality and gender roles. Gay proms proliferate. Prominent names in entertainment, from Latino pop star Ricky Martin to Country Western’s Chely Wright, proudly declare their… Read more »

An appeal to gay and lesbian soldiers

December 2010

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” the policy of excluding open lesbians and gays from the military, must be overturned. It is archaic, unfair, and unconstitutional. As well, it is an indictment of the Democratic president who won votes by promising to end it and then muscled in to save it — just as he pledged to… Read more »

Hollywood does lesbians: The Kids Are All Right was all wrong

April 2011

As it turns out, the guy getting the girl is not the worst thing that can happen in a lesbian-themed flick. Case in point: the dismal but extravagantly lauded The Kids Are All Right. Part of the giddy reception for Kids may be explained by the distance it puts between itself and the agonized and… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Obama and gay rights — rhetoric vs. reality

June 2011

Obama has promised, generals have agreed, and Democrats have voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), the military policy that forbids LGBT folks from serving openly. But DADT stubbornly persists, and blaming Republicans is beside the point. Obama seems determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at every turn — as when… Read more »

“It gets better” when we MAKE it better: LGBT organizers around the US tackle issues from homelessness to union rights

June 2011

The “It gets better” campaign aimed at giving young queers hope for the future got us at the Freedom Socialist thinking: It doesn’t get better automatically. Determined activists have to fight for change. In this roundup, we investigate some of the connected concerns that preoccupy today’s organizers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender liberation. Wisconsin’s… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

August 2011

BORDER PATROL A tragic death I want to tell your readers about the unnecessary tragic death of Benjamin Roldan Salinas on May 14, 2011. That day seven Border Patrol vehicles systematically swept through the one-stoplight town of Forks, Wash. They chased, corralled, and terrorized non-white people. Even native tribal members were held until they could… Read more »

DATELINE AUSTRALIA — Queer rights in Indonesia: two steps forward, one step back

August 2011

To Australia’s north lies Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation, where queer rights activists are showing a new combativeness. In May, delegates from organisations representing workers, women, farmers, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, sex workers, and refugee organisations met in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta for the Civil Society Conference of the Association of… Read more »

Why I am a Radical Woman

October 2011

I am a first-generation Chicana, a mother and teacher, born and raised in South Los Angeles. I also happen to be a socialist feminist, an atheist, and a queer, whose very existence is a challenge to capitalism. Fortunately, I was raised to think critically and search for ways to transform the world. Who were my… Read more »