The epic quest for queer equality —

June 2014

Important successes and improved publicity on some fronts is refreshing to the long-lived LGBT movement and its many allies. But as the roundup below shows, it’s far too soon to… Read more »

Women’s liberation needs transgender warriors

January 2016

Radical Women counters the transphobia of feminists who see trans women as “ghastly parodies,” in Germaine Greer’s words, with an argument against biological determinism.

Your Say

Summer/Autumn 2010

Equal marriage can revolutionise relationships Thank you for the terrific editorial about gay rights last issue of the Freedom Socialist Bulletin. Having attended the Equal Love rally to start the… Read more »


Winter/Spring 2009

Rudd’s ETS: A lot of hot air! Climate emergency. Here’s a tip. You can safely ignore anybody who claims that the warming of the planet’s oceans and atmosphere is a… Read more »