Letters to the Editor, June 2016

June 2016

MEXICO Union leader and socialist jailed Heriberto Magariño is an indigenous school teacher and leader of almost 14,000 educators on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the state of Oaxaca. He is a socialist and for years a leader of the Mexican Partido Obrero Socialista. Police arrested him on May 10 and slapped him with ten… Read more »

Stamp out fascism before it grows!

19 March 2015

Reclaim Australia is a dangerous nationalistic, anti-Muslim grouping with neo-Nazi ties. Its main organiser claims to be a member of the fascist Australian Defence League. Fascism is a violent movement, fostered by the capitalist élite when it needs to crush potential revolt. Today, fascists churn up racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia to divide and weaken working… Read more »

Mourn for the dead but fight like hell for the living

November 11, 2013

Freedom Socialist Party — Australia statement to commemorate International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013 Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is held annually on November 20th. The first event was a candlelight vigil held in San Francisco, California in 1999 in memory of Rita Hester, an African American transgender woman who was murdered a year earlier…. Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: A queer rights platform to take PRIDE in

June 19, 2012

Are you fed up with empty promises and big-money control of the elections? Throw your support behind candidates with bold, unconventional and practical solutions to the economic crisis and the escalating attacks on civil rights. The Freedom Socialist Party campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president has a platform that… Read more »

Trans Panthers Party for Self-Defense: Rights by any means necessary

June 2011

We are a focused, physical and socio-political defensive, direct action group for people who are of TS/TG/Other Gendered Identities and Intersex. We are respectfully modeled after the Original legendary Black Panther Party. We also act as one of several organs to facilitate a political, legal, community voice and united front against oppression of our right… Read more »

An answer to the crisis: 10-point program of the Freedom Socialist Party

June 2015

No more bailouts for bankers & speculators. Open the books. Nationalize the banking and insurance industries, under the control of workers! • Make public the results of worker audits of allegedly bankrupt and failing companies. • Send corporate crooks to jail, including predatory lenders. Redirect war spending into social services. Redirect the Pentagon’s $500-plus billion… Read more »