Letters to the editor, December 2020

December 2020

Readers from Canada, the UK and U.S. thank the Freedom Socialist for keeping radical journalism alive; inmate describes Texas prison as “unfit for the living”; an open letter from Radical Women denouncing Israel’s recent arrests and abduction of women leaders and other activists throughout Palestine.

A crucial time for the free press

June 2020

Truth-telling, independent media is acutely threatened. We are very grateful for your generous support of our FS spring fund drive.

Keep radical journalism alive – give to the Freedom Socialist

March 2, 2019

Dear Friend, All newspapers need four ingredients for success: stories to tell; passionate writers with sharp minds; curious and thoughtful readers; and money! No question, the Freedom Socialist has the first three. But the FS has no corporate or government backing (naturally). The paper relies on friends of honest, inspiring journalism for its financial survival…. Read more »