people of color

Freedom Socialist editorial — Eddie Conway freed!

April 2014

Black Panther Party leader Marshall “Eddie” Conway is free at last! A political prisoner actively supported by the Freedom Socialist Party and many others, Conway was framed for killing a Baltimore cop 44 years ago and convicted with no physical evidence. He was arrested shortly after exposing a National Security Agency provocateur in the Panthers… Read more »

Out of Carolina: Moral Mondays rock the South

June 2014

On Feb. 8, 80,000 marchers massed in Raleigh, N.C., in the largest civil rights demonstration since the historic march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. The protest got little coverage in the national media, which prefers to showcase tea partiers of the Republican right. But it was the apex of a movement… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — Privatized sports breed bigotry

June 2014

Some people find it hard to believe that racism is alive and well in the USA. But thanks to Los Angeles Clippers basketball team owner Donald Sterling, little doubt remains. Actually, any industry owned and operated by billionaires is toxic. Sterling is probably the most revolting owner — he who has made his millions as… Read more »

Environmental racism in urban communities of color: an ecosocialist response

August 2014

“A world to win, a planet to save!” That theme of the recent Freedom Socialist Party’s national convention punctuated the urgency of stopping environmental destruction before it makes the earth uninhabitable. Having grown up in San Francisco and lived in New York City for the last 33 years, I was inspired by the theme to… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Say no to NYPD raids!

August 2014

In a traumatizing, military-style dawn invasion called “Operation Crewcut,” New York police on June 4 invaded Harlem’s Manhattanville and Grant housing projects. Officials deliberately delayed the raid until many of those sought turned 18, permitting their sentencing as adults — a blatant violation of due process. The 40 young men arrested that day are among… Read more »