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Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

December 2014

UNITED FRONT Needed today The political resolution of the FSP [“A world to win, a planet to save,” Vol. 35, No. 5] references the need for “united front” action, as well it should. No one socialist party in this nation today can hope to take on and defeat the capitalist ruling elite on any national… Read more »

Harlem community battles developers, privatization of schools and housing

December 2014

In his 1951 poem Harlem, Langston Hughes asks: “What happens to a dream deferred?” More than half a century later, with hedge fund honchos and real estate moguls calling the shots, the pursuit of profit is turning Harlem’s unfinished dream of Black liberation into a struggle by residents to block transformation of the neighborhood into… Read more »

Rebelión y represión desde Ferguson hasta Ayotzinapa

febrero de 2015

“Cuando la injusticia se convierte en la ley, la resistencia se convierte en un deber!” dice un letrero de un piquete arrojado hacia el cielo en una de las miles de protestas contra el asesinato de Michael Brown en Ferguson, Missouri, y de Eric Garner en la ciudad de Nueva York. Ese mismo sentimiento define… Read more »

Raíces de la explosión en Ferguson — y el siguiente paso para el movimiento

febrero de 2015

Todo el mundo vio cómo los agravios suprimidos mucho tiempo de los negros explotaron después de que fue exonerado Darren Wilson, el policía que mató al adolescente negro inerme, Michael Brown, en Ferguson, Missouri. Pero la violencia policial está lejos de ser el único abuso al que los negros se enfrentan; el control comunitario de… Read more »

Rebellion and repression from Ferguson to Ayotzinapa

February 2015

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty!” shouts a picket sign thrust into the sky at one of thousands of protests against the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and of Eric Garner in New York City. That same sentiment defines the Mexican eruption at the kidnapping and slaying of 43 Ayotzinapa teachers… Read more »

Roots of the Ferguson explosion — and what’s next for the movement

February 2015

The whole world watched as long-suppressed Black grievances came to a head after Darren Wilson, the cop who killed unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., went unindicted. But police violence is far from the only abuse that Blacks face; community control of the police is an urgent need, but only part of the… Read more »

What’s up (and down) with ballot access today

April 2015

On March 8, 2015, thousands commemorated the 50th anniversary of the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery. It led to the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Today ballot access is again under racist attack. From 2011 to 2015, almost 400 new voting restrictions have been introduced and 22 states — most… Read more »

For community control over the police! Now is the time to demand elected civilian review boards

June 2015

After every sickening murder by cops, politicians and police chiefs shake their heads sadly and create another toothless police commission. From Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond, outraged protesters have lost their patience with the system. (Keep visiting for continuing reports on Baltimore.) Many of these protesters want to bring this system down. Until that… Read more »