people of color

Freedom Socialist editorial — Exposed: racist college administrators

December 2015

Bastions of higher education are quaking as Black students target relentless racism. And college administrations should shake. Despite paying lip service to diversity, most U.S. campuses have done away with affirmative action programs and currently feature overwhelmingly white faculty and student bodies. Today’s young organizers of color have no interest in keeping this status quo…. Read more »

Black Lives Matter: A “pop-up movement” or one with lasting impact?

February 2016

Black Lives Matter. As a slogan, this simple statement captures a profound truth: for Blacks, fighting racism is a matter of survival. Not only because of murders by police, but also because of poverty, mass incarceration, and all of the other ills that Blacks continue to experience unequally in the U.S. Black Lives Matter. As… Read more »

Chicano struggle for liberation provides lessons for all

Summer/Autumn 2009

Viva la Raza: A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance by Yolanda Alaniz and Megan Cornish, Red Letter Press (2008), 368 pages. ISBN 0-932323-28-6. Yolanda Alaniz and Megan Cornish have produced a comprehensive critique of Chicano oppression and resistance. While the focus of the authors’ attention may not be of central interest to many Australian… Read more »

Resistance is not a crime: Lex Wotton must not do time!

Winter/Spring 2008

Support continues to swell for the campaign to force the dropping of all charges against Lex Wotton, the respected Aboriginal community member accused of leading a riot on Palm Island in 2004, following the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee. To the streets. On 5 April 2008 nearly 200 people marched through the streets of… Read more »

1981: Apartheid sparks showdown in New Zealand

Summer/Autumn 2008

12 September 1981 was the fifth anniversary of the death of the radical black South African activist, Steve Biko, in police custody. That day, the South African rugby union team, the Springboks, was playing a match against the New Zealand (NZ) rugby union team, the All Blacks (named for the playing colours they used). Members… Read more »

Farewell Veronica Brodie

Winter/Spring 2007

Campaigners for Aboriginal justice lost a champion with the death of Veronica Brodie on the 3rd of May. Veronica, a respected elder, was a tireless freedom fighter from Ngarrindjeri-Kaurna nations. She was born Veronica Wilson at Point McLeay Mission, South Australia (SA) in 1941. Until the mid 1960s, her life was completely controlled by the… Read more »

Revolutionary Integration: A Marxist Analysis of African American Liberation

Winter/Spring 2004

My hometown, Guilford Connecticut, had one African American family. The only other family of colour was from Puerto Rico, brought in as cheap labour for Pinchbeck’s prosperous rose farm, just down the road from my house. We kids went to primary school together. Our education system didn’t provide much for special needs, so my eighth… Read more »