people of color

A first-hand account of the face-off between defenders of immigrant children and the militia and racists gathered in Murrieta

July 4, 2014

Muffy Sunde, Freedom Socialist Party Organizer, Los AngelesA delegation from the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women arrived in Murrieta early on the morning of July 4th to join others who had been alerted by phone and texts that buses with children were expected to arrive during the early morning hours and that right-wingers would… Read more »


June 2014

In the early morning hours of June 4th, The NYPD carried out “Operation Crewcut” and waged an invasion of the Manhattanville and Grant Projects and the surrounding area. With all the brutality of a military invasion, they battered down doors, harassed and traumatized parents and children, and arrested 40 young men. “They treated us like… Read more »

May Day 2014: Clasping Hands across Borders

May 1, 2014

The May Day holiday that is now celebrated all over the world, known as International Workers’ Day in many places, was born in the struggle of U.S. anarchists, socialists, and other radicals for the eight-hour day, a fight that often cost these brave workers their lives. The campaign was led largely by European immigrants to… Read more »

Haitians of Dominican descent denied citizenship

March 10, 2014

On the Reactionary Character of the Dominican Constitutional Court Decision Regarding the Right of Haitians to Citizenship in the Dominican Republic We, the undersigned organizations—Izquierda Revolucionaria, IR (Revolutionary Left- NYC), Partido de Libertad Socialista, FSP (Freedom Socialist Party), and Partido Mundo Obrero, WWP (Workers World Party)—express our strong opposition to the decision of the Constitutional… Read more »

An answer to the crisis: 10-point program of the Freedom Socialist Party

June 2015

No more bailouts for bankers & speculators. Open the books. Nationalize the banking and insurance industries, under the control of workers! • Make public the results of worker audits of allegedly bankrupt and failing companies. • Send corporate crooks to jail, including predatory lenders. Redirect war spending into social services. Redirect the Pentagon’s $500-plus billion… Read more »

Still No Justice, Still No Peace!: For an elected, civilian police review board in Portland! Justice for Aaron Campbell!

February 19, 2010

The Freedom Socialist Party stands with communities of color, unionists, immigrants, sexual minorities, the poor and homeless, feminists, activists, and all victims of police violence in the wake of the shameful and racist killing of Aaron Campbell by Portland Police Officer Ronald Frashour.   We commend the community organizing that the Albina Ministerial Alliance and other… Read more »

Let us return to the source! In quest of a humanism for the 21st century

February 11, 2010

Alexander is a long-time Trotskyist socialist who was imprisoned with Mandela and is a leader of the Workers Organization for Socialist Action (South Africa) in Cape Town. This address was delivered on the occasion of the Annual Sipho Maseko Memorial Lecture, University of the Western Cape, 8 October 2009. I It was with much pleasure… Read more »