Radical Women

Stand up to Washington’s terror: Free Lynne Stewart!

Summer/Autumn 2010

Last November, New York-based civil rights and criminal defence attorney Lynne Stewart was sent to prison. Stewart had been convicted in 2005 of providing support to “terrorist” Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the court had appointed her to defend. He had been found guilty a decade earlier of conspiring to attack the United Nations along… Read more »

Time to take action: Sisters, let’s emulate Dora Montefiore!

Summer/Autumn 2010

As a socialist feminist, I often think about what this means. There is much in my everyday experience that points out the need to change the position of women in our capitalist society. There’s everything to get pissed off about: the job, the bills, the husband or ex, the kids’ school, not being listened to…. Read more »

Afghan women fend off misogynist law

Winter/Spring 2009

On March 31 this year, the war in Afghanistan took a gruesome turn when a new law placed women of the Shia minority under the absolute control of their husbands. A woman was forbidden to refuse her husband’s demands for sex, leave the house without his permission or go out unaccompanied and without a head-to-toe… Read more »

Self-defence is no offence: Free the New Jersey Four!

Winter/Spring 2009

August 16, 2006: Seven young women from New Jersey are attacked on a night out on the town in Greenwich Village, a traditionally safe place for young working class people and the queer community. They are minding their own business until they’re accosted by a man, Dwayne Buckle, who hurls insults at them and makes… Read more »

Radical Women supports Tamil struggle for self-determination

Winter/Spring 2009

Earlier this year, the Australian media began to report on horrors endured by the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. We watched military forces invading the tiny northeastern “safety zone,” where hundreds of thousands of Tamils had been trapped and bombarded for months. The government’s objective was to force the surrender of the Liberation Tigers of… Read more »

Proud, Black and strong: A conversation with Aboriginal poet, Yvette Holt

Winter/Spring 2009

Yvette Holt — 38-year-old descendant of the Bidjara and Wakaman nations of Queensland, mother, lesbian, ex-postal worker, educator, traveller — is a strong advocate for justice and a powerful poet. Anonymous Premonition (2008), her first compilation of works, bears this out. Through her easy-flowing, cleverly-crafted and often playful language, Yvette shows us the many, complex… Read more »

From Queensland to Victoria: Take on the anti-abortion zealots!

Winter/Spring 2009

On April 16, 2009 a 19-year-old woman was charged under Queensland’s Criminal Code for procuring her own abortion. Her 21-year-old partner was charged for importing Mifipristone (RU486), a drug widely used in 35 other countries to induce a miscarriage. Their case, already adjourned three times, is set for hearing in July. If convicted, they face… Read more »

Right to choose: In Victoria, lesbians and all women win historic rights. Now we must defend them.

Summer/Autumn 2009

2008 ended with a stunning double victory for reproductive justice in Victoria: the decriminalisation of abortion and access to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for lesbians and single women. Both took years of unflinching organising. Up against the terrible twins of “pro-family” reaction — misogyny and homophobia — the pro-choice forces won out. Bravo! Most people… Read more »