Radical Women

Prominent Feminists Evaluate Their Movement

Fall 1977

Seattle — “I don’t think we’re at a crossroads — we’re at a dead end,” said Ti-Grace Atkinson, a founder of radical-feminism. “The crossroads was 1971, when the antiwar and civil rights movements disintegrated. With our former comrades gone, we turned inwards, upon ourselves.” “The moderates back away from confronting the right wing,” said Rosa… Read more »

Clara Fraser: The two “Julias”

Spring 1978

The nationally syndicated gossip columns gleefully report that writer Lillian Hellman; the indomitable one, feuded with the director of Julia and refused to attend the premiere of this film based on her memoir, Pentimento. Good for you, Lillian. It’s bad enough that the rest of us had to see it. There’s a screwy scene in… Read more »

A warning Message: Prologue

Spring 1978

Editor’s note: Janet McCloud has just published a profound paper entitled” A Warning Message to All Indian Nations and Our Friends and Supporters,” by Yet Si Blue (her Indian name). In a brave and eloquent call to save threatened Native Americans, McCloud details the history and nature of three crises facing her people and asserts… Read more »

Radical Women’s 10th Anniversary Conference

Spring 1978

The idyllic, even bourgeois, setting at the Admiralty Resort in Port Ludlow, Washington, belied the intentions of the 125 or so women who went to the annual Radical Women Conference. They were celebrating their tenth anniversary as the nation’s oldest socialist-feminist group. They were talking about revolution. … members and interested nonmembers listened to presentations… Read more »

Clara Fraser: Bread, Roses, and Heresy

Winter 1978

Dateline: Lincoln, Nebraska. A small airport, its contours softened by snowfall and moonlight. The car skids on the exit road. My older son, Marc Krasnowsky, drives blithely through the icy slush; his friend Moira Ferguson hands me a leaflet. “We expect about 30 people,” she says excitedly, “but with this snow, it’s hard to tell.”… Read more »

Radical Women plenum – A giant step forward for revolutionary feminism

Summer 1979

Radical Women, the voice of revolutionary socialist feminism in the United States, resoundingly extended the content, force and reach of its program at its Second National Executive Committee Plenum held in New York City in May at Columbia University. Exciting additions to the organization’s basic document, the Radical Women Manifesto, expanded on the international character… Read more »

Poet-radicals resist a barrage of slander

Fall 1981

Two Asian American poet-writers, highly visible in the San Francisco Bay Area as Trotskyist-feminist leaders, are drawing heavy fire from a variety of opponents equipped with a ready arsenal of racist, sexist, and anti-Trotskyist weaponry. But San Francisco Radical Women has launched a swift counter-offensive to expose the insidious, Stalinist-style politics of the slander-mongers. Nellie… Read more »

No reliance on the FBI: Community defense of abortion rights

Summer 1985

As harassment and violence against abortion clinics accelerate, it’s clear that an aggressive feminist response to the anti-abortion forces is urgently needed. The “pro-life” terrorists must be stopped before they strip us of our constitutional rights. The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women support the National Organization for Women’s call for a national campaign in… Read more »