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Haciendo voluntariado en Tijuana, el corazón de la crisis migratoria

13 de enero de 2019

Norma Gallegos y yo fuimos a Tijuana representando al Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) para averiguar todo lo que pudiéramos sobre la crisis humanitaria en la frontera y para expresar nuestra solidaridad y oposición al brutal maltrato de los refugiados por parte de los gobiernos de los Estados Unidos y México. Tomamos un autobús a… Read more »

The case for open borders

October 2018

The need for people to be free to work in other countries and to organize across borders is a matter of survival for the global working class.

An editorial dilemma

October 2018

With the world aflame in crises, how do you pick just one or two to editorialize?

Refugee Women: Desperate but Defiant!

Summer/Autumn 2002

Five hundred and eighty-two refugee children, some of them alone, some of them orphaned, are incarcerated in concentration camps. Their only offence is to seek a new life, free from war, or State persecution, or poverty. Some have been tortured by their guards, others sexually abused. All are desperately traumatised by their disgraceful treatment. And… Read more »