Music Review

Black Paradise: Singing for self- determination

Winter/Spring 2004

Singing can be a very dangerous activity in West Papua. In 1984 the bloated bodies of musicians Arnold Clemens Ap and Eddie Mofu were washed up onto a beach. They’d been tortured and killed by the Indonesia military. In 2001, Sam Kapissa died in suspicious circumstances, described officially as food poisoning. Many West Papuans believe… Read more »

Peter Hicks and Geoff Francis – Music is our weapon

Winter/Spring 2003

Peter Hicks and Geoff Francis are creative dynamos. The couple, who are both members of Socialist Alliance, live in the small rural community of Pelverata, south of Hobart. From this quiet home base they make a lot of beautiful noise! Hicks, a well-known performer on the folk music scene, also directs the Tasmanian Grassroots Union… Read more »

Making music: The Bread & Roses of Life

Summer/Autumn 2002

Facing the Music is a cinema verité type documentary on the music department of Sydney University.  Shots of intense-looking students playing classical music. Passionate lectures on Beethoven. You might think that this is an odd kind of film for a radical paper to review. But it’s not. Facing the Music shows in detail, which is… Read more »

Funky Feminist Fights Hip Hop Hate: A Tale of Two Rappers

Winter/Spring 2001

Eminem, aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is white, male and famous. The hip hop “artist” from Detroit sings about raping his mother, brutally murdering women and terrorising gays and lesbians. Sarah Jones is black, female and a little-known underground artist. She raps against sexism, using her talents as a powerful wordsmith to answer all misogynists… Read more »