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Book Review — WikiLeaks: a powerful tool, not a substitute for radical action

August 2011

In his new book, WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency (Counterpoint Press), Micah L. Sifry writes about being inspired by the huge controversy surrounding WikiLeaks. He outlines its founding by Julian Assange and Daniel Domsheit-Berg in 2006, and some of the debates it has sparked. He then uses the story as jumping off point to… Read more »

Movie review: In Even the Rain, class struggle challenges bourgeois art-making

October 2011

The 2010 movie Even the Rain (También la lluvia) tells the story of a group of Spanish filmmakers who travel to Bolivia to take advantage of cheap labor to produce their art film about the resistance of indigenous people to Christopher Columbus. As a popular uprising breaks out against a multinational conglomerate that has just… Read more »

Letters to the editor – Freedom Socialist newspaper – December 2011

December 2011

EVEN THE RAIN Key role of women It was thrilling to see a review of Even the Rain, a movie made about the water wars in Bolivia, published in the Freedom Socialist [Class struggle challenges bourgeois art-making, Vol. 32, No. 5].  As an anti-privatization activist, I completely agree that the lessons about class lines in this… Read more »

Book Review: Wall Street scam artists and the Washington connection

December 2011

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind’s bestselling book, Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President (Harper Collins Publishers), belongs to a peculiar genre of literature. Based on hundreds of interviews with key financiers and politicos, the gritty dialogues read like a suspense novel. The intimate portraits suggest Suskind had privileged access, not… Read more »

Book review: The new Jim Crow inherits the “racial bribe” from slave days

February 2012

Michelle Alexander’s new book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color-blindness is a compelling exposé of deep racism in the U.S. criminal justice system. That bigotry is powerfully expressed today in its massive incarceration rate. Alexander takes the reader back in history to the year 1675, when the planter elite were… Read more »

BOOK EXCERPT: Estamos en la lucha: immigrant women light the fires of resistance

June 2012

While it is true that those victimized by racism and xenophobia are the ones best prepared to deliver the blows against our own oppression, no group can defeat their oppression by themselves. … Revolutionary working class leaders of color, not only immigrants, and especially Black women with their inspiring history of militancy, are essential for… Read more »

Book Review — Kamchatka: a child’s-eye view of Argentina’s “Dirty War”

August 2012

“Fear had taken root in my own house, in my drawer, carefully folded, smelling of fresh laundry, nestling among the socks.” With these simple words, author Marcelo Figueras re-creates the opening days of a military coup d’état and its effect on a family of four. Set against the terrifying backdrop of Argentina’s “Dirty War” —… Read more »

Movie reviews: The Visitor, The Intouchables, Amreeka

October 2012

The Visitor (2007, directed by Thomas McCarthy) is a sensitive story of two young, undocumented immigrants in post 9/11 New York. It does a fine job of exposing the human cost of U.S. immigration policies. The movie unfolds as Walter, a burned out college professor finds himself unexpectedly sharing his New York apartment with Tarek… Read more »