Interiority, hey?

June 2022

Poet Nellie Wong — Chinese, American, socialist, feminist, revolutionary. Her interiority is vast and fascinating, timely and in motion.


Summer 1988/1989

Emma Groves… What’s Emma Groves got to do with plastic bullets? Emma Groves pickets outside Astra Astra Pyrotechnic, in Regent Street, London assembles the plastic bullets assembles the plastic bullets which kill and maim social control huh!          it’s a British demonstration of how to police civilians they’re there      … Read more »

Footplate Classics

Summer 1988/1989

I am a lesbian feminist. Between 1979 and 1984 I worked as a locomotive assistant training to be a train driver for the  Victorian Railways in Australia. At one time six women were training at South Dynon Loco and four women in country areas. Dianne Brown became qualified as a train driver in 1985. Unfortunately the other women left. The attitudes of many of the men working in the railways added to on the job pressure. I have put some of these attitudes into poetic form.


Summer 1988/1989

Forget the superficial       forget it forget the words that lack meaning the senseless acts     which pervert logic the choices we make     which defeat all purpose the consequences that slap us back with insult saying it clearly     basic     with no need for jargon since we… Read more »