The British monarchy has got to go

December 2022

An Irish American socialist ruminates on the special relationship the British monarchs have enjoyed with capitalism.

Passing the torch

February 2022

Vietnam-era radicals have an urgent task – to pass on the lessons of history to today’s activists opposing war and fighting capitalism’s crimes.

The supply chain blues

December 2021

Megan Cornish, a student and teacher of Marxist economics, looks at the absurdity of capitalists unable to get their goods to market.

The search for stolen Native children

October 2021

Native elder Ann Rogers rebukes the criminal hypocrisy of the government and the Catholic Church for their forced assimilation and abuse of Indian children.

Big Pharma makes me sick

June 2021

Are the drug companies the pandemic superheroes that the mainstream media are making them out to be? Hardly, says neurologist Steven Strauss.