Pastrami, passion, and politics

April 2020

Steve Strauss discovered the FSP later than many. A confirmed feminist, he joined FSP because “it grasps in its bones” that a true revolutionary party develops leaders from the ranks of the most oppressed.

Give ’til it hurts — Trump!

April 2020

If ever there was a time for a newspaper that delivers accurate news, informed analysis and revolutionary optimism, it’s now.

March 8, 2020: The Fight Is International

March 8, 2020

A joint International Women’s Day statement from Mujeres por la Libertad (Argentina), Partido
Obrero Socialista (Mexico), and Radical Women (Australia and the U.S.)

Se reúnen socialistas feministas revolucionarias de México, Estados Unidos y Argentina

februar de 2020

A principios de diciembre de 2019, viajé a la Ciudad de México para reunirme con líderes socialistas feministas latinoamericanas. Tuve el honor de representar a Mujeres Radicales y participar en discusiones con mujeres del Partido Obrero Socialista (POS – México), Mujeres por la Libertad (Argentina) y Partido Socialismo y Libertad (PSL- Argentina). Nuestros objetivos eran… Read more »

The pivotal 2020s: A time for revolutionary ideas

February 2020

The Freedom Socialist Party’s political resolution examines what is needed to turn rising resistance around the world into socialist transformation.

A Latina’s journey from education to activism

February 2020

Los Angeles FSP Organizer Karla Alegria-Gimeno describes her working-class origins and tells how she discovered political history and joined the battle for a better world.