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Letters to the editor, October 2018

October 2018

Hearty thumbs-up to “Let’s get real about the Democrats” as well as Sam’s article on why he joined the FSP; disagreement on Nicaragua; the West Coast Community Defense; Mumia Abu-Jamal update; New York police need accountability.

The comradeship is real

August 2018

Teacher Sam Rubin says he joined the FSP because its decisions are guided by honest Marxist analysis and principles, good sense and militancy.

A mother on a mission

June 2018

Miriam Padilla is “seeking to not merely seal the cracks in our society but to rebuild a sturdier road,” and she says that’s why FSP is her political home.

Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart

June 2018

A new documentary on Raisin in the Sun author Lorraine Hansberry, 1960s-era Black radical and artist.