A Latina’s journey from education to activism

February 2020

Los Angeles FSP Organizer Karla Alegria-Gimeno describes her working-class origins and tells how she discovered political history and joined the battle for a better world.

Muchos ánimos y una fuerte determinación

deciembre de 2019

“El Partido del Optimismo Revolucionario.” Este fue el mensaje escrito en una pancarta colocada sobre el podio en la convención nacional del 13 al 16 de octubre del Partido de Libertad Socialista de Estados Unidos (FSP, por sus siglas en inglés), celebrada en las afueras de Seattle. La reunión estaba compuesta por miembros del FSP,… Read more »

Hillary Clinton conjures up a new “red” threat

December 2019

On the centennial of the Palmer Raids, Clinton is reviving commie baiting by calling Green Party leader a “Russian asset.” Warning to all lefties — beware of embedding with Democrats!

Take that, Amazon! Sawant wins again

December 2019

Seattle voters said “Hell no!” to red-baiting billionaires, and defeated five of the seven Amazon-backed candidates for City Council! Up-front socialist Kshama Savant was especially targeted — and won.

“When my world opened”

August 2019

“I was too busy already. Married. Me, an activist? A thinker, a doer? An organizer?” Bay Area poet Nellie Wong describes her journey into radical politics.

On the Front Line of Freedom

Educator and author Merle Woo delivered this rousing poem connecting gender, sexuality, race and class as a featured speaker for San Francisco’s Pride rally in 1981.