Food for the mind!

August 2020

Unfortunately, we are still mid-pandemic. Fortunately, there’s lots of good stuff to watch, listen to, and read. Here’s an internationalist selection.

Views from FS readers

August 2020

An update on Seattle mayor redbaiting attack on the only socialist on the Seattle City Council. Readers weigh in on not prosecuting Black lives protesters, prisoner rights, campaign reform, and suspending the use of money.

Pastrami, passion, and politics

April 2020

Steve Strauss allies with FSP because “it grasps in its bones” that a revolutionary party develops leaders from the ranks of the most oppressed.

March 8, 2020: The Fight Is International

March 8, 2020

A joint International Women’s Day statement from Mujeres por la Libertad (Argentina), Partido
Obrero Socialista (Mexico), and Radical Women (Australia and the U.S.)