Ted Bull: Lifelong Communist – 29 January 1914 – 11 December 1997

Summer/Autumn 1998

Ted Bull was a working class leader, radicalised by being unemployed during the Depression. After years of working as a wharfie, Ted was elected as Secretary of the Waterside Workers Federation in 1967 and held the post for 12 years. The Freedom Socialist Party first worked closely with Ted against the Cain government’s assault on… Read more »

International Anti-Fascist Conference: A Lost Opportunity to Build Solidarity

Summer/Autumn 1998

In the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the shocking resurgence of fascism in Europe was marked by jackbooted racist skinheads, marches of uniformed “seig-heiling” Hitlerites and the torching of Turkish refugee residences. Now the fascists are forming parties like Austria’s Freedom Party, Italy’s National Alliance and Belgium’s Vlaams Blok and are heading for the ballot box…. Read more »

Gee, Thanks Guys!

Summer/Autumn 1998

One thing working class activists have learned is that working people can’t rely on the capitalist state to stop injustice. The reason for this is, of course, that capitalism is the source of injustice, inequality and oppression across the globe. If there’s a battle to be fought, then we have to do it ourselves. We… Read more »