Socialist Alliance Debate sparks discussion about Revolutionary Regroupment

Summer/Autumn 2003

Note: Links in this article may not be active. There is a discussion inside the Socialist Alliance about which way forward. In late August 2002, the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) announced plans to dramatically change how it would work as part of the Socialist Alliance. The DSP outlined a process which would result in its… Read more »

War of Ideas – September 11, 2001: Feminist Perspectives Reviewed

Summer/Autumn 2003

Just weeks ago, travelling to the U.S., I had a dose of the “anti-terror” measures introduced as a result of the shocking events of 11 September 2001. From Melbourne onwards, each airport was effectively a military checkpoint. I particularly remember Honolulu, on the way home, where the only passengers pulled out of the line-up for… Read more »

Promoting the vision of a just world

Winter/Spring 2002

Brigitte Ellery is a public housing advocate and member of Geelong Radical Women. She is a disability pensioner who is employed casually as a personal care worker. She is the preselected Socialist Alliance candidate for the Victorian State seat of Geelong North. “I’m standing to help make Socialist Alliance widely known as a political alternative…. Read more »

Kennett wrecked Victoria, but Bracks has not repaired the damage

Winter/Spring 2002

Judy McVey is a Community and Public Sector Union delegate, a leader in the Refugee Action Collective and a member of the International Socialist Organisation. She is the preselected Socialist Alliance candidate for the Victorian State seat of Brunswick. “I’m standing to show people that there is an alternative to the world we live in… Read more »

Individual Action or Global Revolt: New activists must become new leaders

Winter/Spring 2002

I grew up with the Cold War. Fortunately, the propaganda that communism was responsible for everything terrible, from nuclear war to the common cold, didn’t stick. So, as a young activist in 1960s USA, I looked for the best place to fight for social change. The fight for Black civil rights, the upsurge in feminist… Read more »

U.S. Court Hands Freedom Socialist Party Electoral Law Victory!

Winter/Spring 2002

On June 12, the Oregon Court of Appeals struck down as unconstitutional a 1905 state law which prevents political parties from appearing on the ballot if they share a single word in their names with an already recognised party. Jordana Sardo, who attempted to run as a Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) candidate for the State… Read more »

Why Greens need to be Reds

Summer/Autumn 2002

If there was one heartening thing about the disgraceful race/khaki election of 2001 it was the number of people who didn’t vote for the so-called “war on terrorism” and the racist, inhumane treatment of refugees. The cacophony of vilification of refugees, cynical appeals to xenophobia and outright warmongering was meant to win a majority of… Read more »

From high school rebel to Socialist Alliance leader: Talking with Sam Watson

Summer/Autumn 2002

Sam Watson headed the Socialist Alliance Senate ticket in Queensland at the last Federal election. The ticket attracted a very credible 8,965 votes. After the elections, Alison Thorne, who headed the Victorian Senate ticket for Socialist Alliance, caught up with Sam Watson in Brisbane to discuss his 35-year history of political struggle, Watson’s hopes for… Read more »

Formation of Socialist Alliance: A historic step forward for Left

Winter/Spring 2001

The Freedom Socialist Party has long advocated a socialist electoral alternative in Australia and we are very proud of our efforts to date. The urgent need to put fresh socialist solutions before voters at election time — a time when the majority of people are thinking about politics — is why we have actively supported… Read more »